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for their importance

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Q: A person who is conspicuous by importance or position?
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What is a big noise?

A big noise is a person of great importance or influence in a position or situation.


(of a person or thing) Acting in a suspicious or conspicuous way.

Conspicuous in a sentence?

"The red convertible was conspicuous among the parked limousines." "His medal was awarded for conspicuous gallantry, but he felt no braver than the other soldiers." "The actress was conspicuous in the gaudy hats she always wore."

What is a big wig?

A person who has an important and powerful position. From the 18th century when distinguished men wore big wigs.

What prefix for conspicuous?

inconspicuous, which is the opposite of conspicuous.

What part of speech is conspicuous?

The word "conspicuous" is an adjective.

Can you give a sentence for conspicuous?

The conspicuous piano lay in the middle of the road.

Why was the conspicuous gallantry cross given out in WW2?

For acts of conspicuous gallantry.

A native position based on importance?


When was Conspicuous Only in Its Absence created?

Conspicuous Only in Its Absence was created in 1966.

What is cospiciuous mean?

There is no word "cospiciuous" but there is a word "conspicuous." The word conspicuous means standing out or clearly visible. Something that is conspicuous often attracts attention.

What is the definition of conspicuous?

Easy to see, obvious, standing out Answer Conspicuous has 2 meanings: 1. (adjective) Something that is obvious (either to the eye or mind): Her jealousy was conspicuous. 2. (adjective) With no attempt to conceal: He had a conspicuous disrespect for the law.