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A pure substance is the same throughout. When a substance is 100% something it is pure.

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Q: A pure substance is the what throughout?
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What classifies a substance as a pure substance?

A pure substance is a substance that is constant throughout. Such as water, tin or sulfur.

What best describes the different between a mixture and a pure substance?

A mixture has different properties throughout; a pure substance has the same properties throughout.

What is a pure substance classified as?

A pure substance is classified by having a definite and constant composition. The substance can be either an element or a compound, but what makes the substance pure, is that it does not vary.

Is homogenous a pure substance?

A homogeneous substance is the same throughout. So, a bar of pure gold, a diamond, pure water, saline water (water with salt dissolved in it) and nitrogen gas are all homogeneous, as they consist of the same substance(s) throughout. In other words, they are regular.So, you could say that a homogeneous substance is a puresubstance.

Sample of matter that has the same composition and properties throughout?

term for that is pure substance

Pure substance definition?

A pure substance:cannot be separated into 2 or more substances by physical or mechanical meansis homogeneous, ie, has uniform composition throughout the whole sampleits properties are constant throughout the whole sampleits properties do not depend on how it is prepared or purifiedhas constant chemical composition

What are single atoms?

A pure substance is a substance that is consistent throughout; it only has one substance. Example: pure sugar has only sugar throughout. Because of this, there could be any atoms in a pure substance, but those atoms would be in definite proportions.

What are substances in which the composition is the same throughout?

If it is a pure substance, then it is a molecule or formula unit. If it is a mixture, it is a solution.

Is NH3 a mixture or pure substance?

NH3, which stands for ammonia, is a pure substance. It is a compound composed of two elements, nitrogen (N) and hydrogen (H), in a fixed ratio, and it has uniform properties throughout.

Do you agree that all homogeneous matter can be classified as pure substance?

yes all homogeneous are pure substance because all the part are the same throughout and they cannot be easily separated or broken down into simpler substance by physical means.

Is acetone a pure substance or mixture?

pure substance, propanone

Would you expect a pure substance to be the same color throughout?

no we cannot everything changes with time even a pure substance looses it's some of the properties after some time so the color also changes .