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A ray has only one endpoint?

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Yes, a ray has only one endpoint.

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A ray begins at an endpoint and extends in only one direction.A half line does not include the endpoint.

It has two endpoints. A ray has one endpoint.

Honestly a ray does because a ray has one endpoint and it does go in one direction like forever

A line with only one endpoint is a ray. One end has a point, and the other has an arrow to represent how the line continues forever.-------------------------->

A ray has many points but only on e endpoint

A ray has one endpoint and continues in the other direction infinitely.

a ray is a line with one endpoint and goes on forever in one directiontwo rays with one common endpoint is an angleeveryone knows that!

A line with a single endpoint going infinitely in another direction is a ray. The symbol for a ray is → . It is named for its endpoint and any other point located on it.

Ray - A ray is part of a line that has one endpoint. It continues in one direction without ending.

One. Because a ray starts with a fixed point and endlessly extends on the opposite side. Thus there is only one endpoint.

No. A ray has one endpoint and extends into infinity from that point.

By definition a line has no endpoint as it can extend to negative and positive infinity. A ray has one endpoint and a segment has two endpoints.

When naming a ray the endpoint is written first.

A line segment is a portion of a line. It has length. It has two endpoints. A ray has only one endpoint. It has infinite length in one direction.

= What is a set of points that has one endpoint and that extends without end in one direction? AND THE ANSWER IS..... CORRRRREEECCCCT...........IT IS A RAY....MY COUSIN NAME IS RAY! =

A part of a line that extends in one direction with one endpoint is called a ray.

A ray only has one endpoint, and looks like this:#--------------->where the # is an endpoint.#\\\\Vcould also roughly represent a ray. A ray just has an end point and goes on forever in one direction, like if you took a line and cut one end of it off. A ray could be drawn through any two points or any number of co linear points.


A ray can be described as the half line with designated end point which extends in only one direction without stopping.

A ray is a part of a is one end point and goes on and on in one diredction.You name the endpoint that is first.

A ray in geometry is a line with a single endpoint and extends indefinitely in one specified direction.

The end would be called a point or an endpoint. It only has one end since it is infinite in the other direction.

A segment has 2 endpoints. A ray has only 1 endpoint, where the other end is an infinite line.

A ray is defined as having an origin but no endpoint (unless you count the origin as an endpoint, in which case it has 1).

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