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Sure - why not? However, the movie version would not. In the sci-fi terms that define what a lightsaber is constructed of, it wouldn't work. But even George Lucas himself admitted that he was simply creating fiction and didn't know anything about how it would work. He just called it a lightsaber emits light. When you go home and say "turn on the light, would ya?" are you referring to a nonstop beam of light? No, you're visually describing an incandescent bulb operated by electricity, which of course emits light. Same thing applies to a lightsaber - it emits light, but that doesn't mean it is made of light. When little Anakin told Qui Gon that he saw his laser sword, are you going to accept that as fact? Anakin was a kid when he said that, and had no knowledge of how a lightsaber was constructed, nor physics for that matter. You're gonna go off the word of a KID? If you want to build a lightsaber, you have no choice but to go with existing technology, and if it doesn't exist, well then - invent it. A plasma saber can be called a lightsaber because it would emit light. Plasma is possible here people. It occurs naturally everyday. Physicists always yammer about how you can't generate enough power to inject a plasma into a magnetic field, which bugs me because they're always talking about plasma and magnetic fields as if one has absolutely nothing to do with the other - like they should be regarded as two separate and unlinked entities. Let's talk electricity. A flow of charge generates an electromagnetic field, and vice-versa an EM field will generate a flow of charge. Now let's talk about conductivity. Your best conductors are silver and copper. These are good conductors. Some materials oppose a flow of charge - these are known as nonconductors. But, as fate would have it, nonconductors will conduct just fine if they become ionized. For example, a simple capacitor utilizes this concept. A charge builds up one one end of the capacitor, seeking to dump to the other end to complete its circuit. To accomplish this task, a nonconductor is sandwiched in between. And that's when something amazing happens. When enough charge builds up, the nonconductor becomes ionized and the capacitor is able to make its charge dump. When this occurs, the nonconductive material returns to its nonconductive state and the process starts all over again. Of course, you're thinking, how does this answer my question? We live on a giant capacitor. The clouds in the sky will gradually build up a static charge. And naturally, when enough charge builds up, you get lightning. Air is a nonconductive material until it becomes ionized. And when a material becomes ionized, this means that each atom has enough energy to excite its electrons to another level until one gets bumped off. What results is a flow of charge, a flow of electrons, charge in motion - a current, pushed by a massive voltage. This of course leads me right into plasma. What IS plasma? Plasma is simply an ionized gas. It doesn't matter what type of gas it is, as long as it IS a gas. Air is a gas, and when it becomes ionized, it is converted to plasma - this is what we call lightning. And, of course, I'll say it again - any charge in motion generates an EM field, and therefore plasmas generate their own EM fields. This is all I will say for now - that lightning (electron arcing) is the simplest way to create a plasma saber. Of course, lightning zigzags, because it follows a nonlinear path of the least resistive molecules in the air. If you use a laser in tandem to heat the molecules, this will provide a linear path of least resistance. And PLEASE remember that like polarities will always repel. If you keep it simple, simple solutions will always present themselves. This is all I will write, for if I give any more information, it simply would be no fun for you. But if you understood what I wrote and what it implies, I'm sure you can figure out the rest. The answer is YES. It is definitely possible, and it is even easy if you have the proper resources and knowledge.

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What is a real life example of an opposite ray?

Darth Maul's double light saber because the rays from the light saber are going 2 different directions.

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light + sword = light saber energy + sword = light saber electricity + sword = light saber

How long is a light saber?

A light saber is 4 feet long.

How do you get the yellow light saber in Free Realms?

Hey......Ü Well It is no light saber you get a sparkler then get a flare shard and BOOM you have a light saber your welcome :)

What colour is Mace Windoo's light saber?

he is the only jedi with a purple light saber

Do people bleed when struck by a light saber?

yes they do bleed in starwars when struck by a light saber

Can you make a real life lightsaber which can cut through things?

At our current technology level, no we can not actually make a really light saber that can cut through items. But, you can make these lightsabers from this website I found. its a good website and shows you how to make lightsaber handles. or go to you-tube and put the following :saber project build your own saber

What are the light saber colors in the force unleashed 2?

i think you will be able to mix light saber colors

HOW TO Make a lightsaber?

It depends on if you want a real or fake light saber. if you want a fake one look on google "how to make a light saber" if not. you need allot of research, and with today's technology you to make a real one, you will need a external battery pack. Like on your leg or back or side. where ever. but with today's technology its theoretically impossible to make a light saber without a external power source. good luck, Joe komor

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She doesn't have one.

Were saber-toothed tigers real?

yes saber tooth tigers are real why else would we laern about them

What is the real code for a light saber on Free Realms?

There is no code for a Light Saber... though, you can make one xD Simpily, if you have a Glowing Shard, test it on EACH Weapon/Item you have on Adventure, When it looks like a Light Saber, Well, Your done! :3 Hope this Answers! -GaurdianOfGood Sarahgoger2 P.S Too bad my chat is broken ._. i cant talk ._.

Is there a light saber in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

The light saber is a mod it is star wars mod.

What is the Hebrew word for light-saber?

חרב־אור (pronounced "KHEH-rev or")

What is Dual blade do in Lego Star Wars 3?

A dual bladed light saber is a light saber with a blade coming out on both ends of the light saber, like Darth Maul's in Star Wars Episodes One.

Is There such thing as light saber?

no there isn't

Are there real light sabers?

In the native Australian dream time there have been records of this stick they called a saber of light. It was constructed using the tail hair of a kangaroo and the liver of a emu

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Is a light saber stronger than the force?


Who was the best jedi with a light saber?


Did yoda have a yellow light saber?

No, it was green

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You have to hack to get it.

How do you make light saber on alchemy game on droid?

Arm and light.

Are saber-toothed squirrels real?

No. Scrat, a saber toothed squirrel from Ice Age, is a fictional animal.

Are the Saber-toothed tigers real?

They used to be.

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