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Q: A recent survey determined that 7 out of 9 students eat school lunch at least once a week.if 450 students were surveyed how many how many eat school lunch at least once a week?
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Of the 40 randomly chosen students surveyed, 27 are involved in extracurricular activities at school. There are 680 students in the school. Predict the number of students in the school who are involved in extracurricular activities?


Why dont middle school students read?

Middle School Students do read. How much is determined by their environment, and their home life.

Of the sixth grade students surveyed 12 percent bring their lunches to school suppose 24 sixth graders do this how many sixth graders are at the school?

Since 24 six graders who bring their lunch to school are 12% of the total number of six grade students, then the total numbers of these students is 200 (24 ÷ .12).

When Henry surveyed 45 seventh-grade students at random in the school cafeteria he found that 3 out of 15 liked reggae music. Using proportional reasoning about how many of the 180 seventh-grade stude?

If he surveyed 45 students, it is not clear where the 15 came from, and conversely. 3/45 = 12/180 so the answer is 12.

How many middle schoolers smoke?

According to the CDC 5.2% of middle school students smoke. Recent data shows that 850 students start everyday.

What is the slope of a trend line that passes through the points (1 3) and (10 25)?

Jeremy surveyed students in his class about their spending habits in the school cafeteria. He used the data to create a scatterplot. How Students Spend Money in the Cafeteria Which is the equation of his trend line?

When students at Luray Middle School were surveyed 22 percent said they would like hamburgers at lunch rather than hot dogs - What is that percent rounded to the nearest compatible fraction?


Savannah country day school college students?

Do you want to know if any of our recent graduates are playing basketball in college?

Are students required to take a lunch break in high school?

I'm sure it is determined by the school, so I am unable to answer completely. I'm assuming they don't have to if they don't want to :)

What is the best insurance agent school in America?

The best insurance agent school in America is at the University of Pennsylvania. This was determined by votes from previous students and insurance agents across the country.

Does television cause students to drop from school?

No. Of course not, I'm a high schooler and I watch television. If television caused students to drop out of school than there would be no students in school. It could possibly depending on the student. Television isn't all bad, but there is bad things on TV but if i student is determined enough to graduation nothing should change that.

Does the US government offer school grants to low income students?

Yes, all levels of income can apply and receive school grants.The answers are determined by individual schools. Paperwork and other forms must be completed at the school first.