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A warning sign.

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Q: A school crossing sign is what in traffic school?
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What are 3 ways to stop traffic at junctions without using traffic lights?

policemen Also, stop signs and traffic circles (or "roundabouts") - altho they don't stop traffic, they perform the same function. From @MunicipalSigns: A pedestrian crossing sign (especially in California). A School Crossing zone. A railway crossing zone (Circular yellow sign with "RR" and "X")

What school crossing sign is an example of a?

Traffic sign Road sign Warning sign Information Visual symbol

Is a school crossing sign a regulatory sign?


3 differences between a school crossing and a pelican crossing?

1. A school crossing has a lolypop lady.2. A pelican crossing is run by a computer3. At a school crossing, the lolypop lady would have to wait for the traffic to go before crossing. At a pelican crossing, the traffic stops for you to allow you to cross.

A school crossing sign is an example of?

A warning sign

Is a school crossing sign a regulatory?


What is an uncontrolled crossing?

An uncontrolled crossing is when there is no stop sign or traffic light when approaching a crossing. People have to cross at their own discretion.

A school crossing sign is an example of a what kind of sign?

Warning sign.

What traffic signs are likely to be ignored?

Yield, Stop sign, Deer crossing, 25mph when flashing school zone, and the infamous no turn on red.

Is A school crossing sign is an example of warning sign?


A school crossing sign is an example of what type of sign?


What is a disadvantage of crossing by school crossing patrol?

You have to wait for all the traffic to go .

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