A sentence with confederacy

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During the Civil War, the Confederacy tried to secede from the Union.

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Q: A sentence with confederacy
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How can you use the word confederacy in a sentence?

The Confederacy lost the United States Civil War.The states formed a confederacy. We joined the confederacy.

How do you use confederacy in a sentence?

The Museum of the Confedreracy is in Virgina.

A sentence with the word confederacy?

the iruqois confedracy was one of the tribes in the U.S.A.

Can you write a sentence for the word confederacy?

The Civil War was fought between the Confederacy and the Union.After the Revolutionary War the colonies formed a confederacy, until it proved unworkable and they reorganized as the United States.Following the breakup of the USSR, much of the country was reorganized as a confederacy.

What is a sentence using Confederacy and Union?

During the Civil War, the capitals of the Confederacy and the Union were only about 100 miles apart. Although the Confederacy was geographically larger than the Union, it had a much lower population.

A sentence for indivisible?

Following the failed attempt at secession by the Confederacy, the United States considers itself to be indivisible.

Do you capitalize confederate in a sentence?

If it is used as an adjective (Confederate general) or used as a noun for the country (Confederate States of America or the Confederacy)

Who opposed Confederacy?

since the confederacy was the south. the confederacy was opposed by the north

What opposed the confederacy?

Who opposed the Confederacy?The Union opposed the Confederacy in the Civil War. The Union was the North and the Confederacy was the South.

Was Virginia part of the union or the confederacy?

The Confederacy. The capital of the Confederacy was Richmond, Virginia.

How do you write a sentence with the word pro slavery in it?

Examples: If you are pro slavery, then you like slavery. The Confederacy was pro slavery during the civil war.

Who opposed the Confederacy?

The union opposed to the confederacy.

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