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Unfortunately, the student's lights went out in the middle of his display of dedication.

-- If he was on his way to calculating the surface area of the inside of the room,

then that would have been 32.18 square meters (346.38 square feet).

-- If his intention was to calculate the volume of the room, then that would have totaled up

to 34.2 cubic meters (1,207.76 cubic feet, 9,034.69 gallons, 1,165.77 pony kegs).

-- If he was contemplating the number of co-eds that could be entertained simultaneously

in his room, then that number would be indeterminate, depending as it does on the dimensions

of the student's unique individual taste in women.

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Q: A students dormitory room measures 3.8 m by 3.6 m and its ceiling is 2.5 m high After the student completes his physics course he displays his dedicatio?
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