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Q: A word for to speak publicly without preparation?
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What is a 5 letter word for to speak publicly without preparation?


What is a Lexicon 5 letter word for to speak publicly without preparation?

ad lib

What word means 'to speak without preparation'?

Impromptu or Improvosation is the answer

Word meaning without thought or preparation?

careless or carelessly; impulsive; mechanical

What is the controversial use between publicly and publicly?

They are a lot of controversy going on with the word publicly and publically. People do not know how to use the word, but it should be publicly, as publically is not a word.

What does the word imptomptu mean?

Something that is done suddenly without any prior preparation.

What part of speech is publicly?

The word publicly is an adverb (openly).

Can you help me with a sentence for the word tenacity?

I have a tenancy to speak without thinking first

How do you use the word publicly in a sentence?

He publicly apologized for embarassing her. The opposition was publicly recognized for having run a fair campaign.

Word for in preparation?

Synonyms for "preparation" : readiness, alertness, groundwork.

What is meant by the term ab lib?

The correct term is "ad lib." It is a word which refers to something that is spoken without preparation. A good synonym for the word is improvisation.

What is a sentence for the word publicly?

She was publicly embarrassed when she ran into the stop sign at the busy intersection.