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While text in all capital letters may be easier to read for some individuals with vision impairments or dyslexia, it can come across as shouting or aggressive in online communication due to the lack of variation in letter size. It's generally recommended to use a mix of upper and lower case letters for better readability and to avoid misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

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Q: A written text only in capital letters is easy to read?
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What state has reflectional symmetry when written horizontally in capital letters?

The only state that has this type of symmetry when written horizontally is OHIO. If the letters are written vertically, then HAWAII, IOWA and UTAH also have symmetry.

What 4 letter word that is made of straight line letters only when written in capital letters the word may not have curvedlines such as in B or C?


Why are these letters separated by a line aefhiklmntvwxyz bcdgjopqrsu?

When capital, the sequence beginning with 'A' are all written with only straight lines.

How are these letters selected -aefhiklmntvwxyz?

These letters (when capital) are the ones drawn with only straight lines. The other letters (again, when capital) are drawn with curves.

What are the Capital letters in Hebrew for Angel?

The Hebrew alphabet doesn't have capital letters or lowercase letters. There is only one set of letters:Angel = מלאך (mal'akh)

When and how to use Capital letters?

You use capital letters only if it is a place. Also you use it to capitalize your first word of a sentence.

What is the only capital with three letters in it?

There isn't one.

Why does the keyboard only have capital letters?

So you can read it

What capital letters in the alphabet have radial symmetry?

There is only one capital letter: O.

What four letter word is made of straight lines only when it is written in capital letters?

Fell, tell the, feel, hi, felt, ill

What state capital has only three letters in it?

No US state has a capital of three letters unless you abbreviate Utah's capital, Salt Lake City to SLC

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The capital of Guinea is Conakry. It's the only capital of Guinea.