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About how many people watch soccer?

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about 75% of the people in the world watch soccer.

Actually, 63.9% watch soccer.
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How many people watch soccer in Mexico?

There is not statistics on how many people watch soccer in Mexico. It is estimated that millions of people watch the sport annually.

How many people watch soccer worldwide?

Many people watch soccer worldwide, and even more people around the world watch it than in the United States. It is estimated that about 750 to 800 million people watch soccer.

How many people worldwide watch the worldcup soccer final?

over 3.5 billion people watch soccer around the world

How many people in England watch soccer?

98% of the people

How many people watch soccer in Spain?


How many Spanish people watch soccer?


How many people watch fox soccer channel?

10 million

How many people watch soccer?

There are millions of peoples that watch soccer on T.V I probably at least 10 millions. And thaousands of peoples who attend the staduim.

How many people watch sport on TV in Australia?

60 percent of the people, in Australia, watch sports on television. The most popular sport watch is soccer. World Cup soccer has the highest ratings of any sports.

How many people watch college basketball?

no one, football (soccer) is better.

How many people watch soccer each year?

The number is suspected to be in the millions.

What is a larger sport soccer or basketball?

Basket Ball Because Many People watch soccer but more play Basketball.

What do Congo people do for fun?

play soccer lol or watch soccer

How many people watch soccer in Brazil?

22 million viewers average about every game.

About how many people watch soccer in the US?

Not that many because it is not broadcasted a lot. football is the most watched sport.

How many Mexicans watch soccer weekly?

Millions. Soccer is a big deal for Mexicans.

What number of people watch soccer in the US a year?


What do people of Algeria do for fun?

play soccer ,watch movies ,...:)

How many Americans watch soccer?

Not very many. Americans watch mostly football, then basketball, then college football, then college basketball, then baseball, and then soccer is somewhere near the end.

How many people enjoy soccer?

Tons of people love soccer.

What do the French watch?

That depends on where they are. If at home, they may watch television, if in a stadium, probably soccer, and if a sidewalk cafe, they watch the people around them.

How many Mexican citizens watch soccer on a weekly basis?

Millions. Soccer is a big deal for Mexicans.

How many people go to watch a soccer game in Argentina?

Games regularly attract crowds of between 45,000 and 75,000 fans.

What sports do people in Puerto Rico like to watch on tv?

They mostly like to play football which is known as soccer in the rest of the USA so they mostly watch soccer on tv.

Do more people watch basketball or soccer?

It is likely not even close. Soccer is the most played and loved sport on the planet.