Ellis Island

About how many people went through Ellis island?

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How many people have travel through Ellis Island?

According to elliisisland.com, from 1892 - 1924, 12 million people were processed through Ellis Island

About how many were detained on Ellis island?

8,687 people were detained on Ellis Island

How many people was detained on Ellis Island?

8,687 people were detained on Ellis island for bad health!

What did the Irish experience in Ellis Island?

Many thousands of Irish people came through Ellis Island when it opened in 1892. For the most part it is was bureaucratic experience but not all that unpleasant. Most Irish people came to the US before Ellis Island opened.

How many immigrants came to the USA through Ellis Island from 1892 through 1954?

20 Million immigrants passed through Ellis Island before its closing in 1954

How many people came from Ellis Island to the US?

12 million immigrants passed from Ellis Island into the US

How many people died at Ellis Island?

About three thousand people died there. It is a small amount, considering that 12 million people went through.

How many immigrants went through Ellis Island a day?

Between 1880 and 1920 around 2251 people went through on a normal day

Did Germans pass through Ellis Island?

Yes, many Germans arrived through Ellis Island. Many of the people we would identify as German would have given specific German states as their home country (e.g. Prussia, Bavaria, etc.) More Germans likely arrived through Castle Clinton in New York, as Ellis Island was not yet in use when huge numbers of Germans arrived in the 1860 - 1890 period.

How many people visit Ellis Island?

Nearly two million people a year

How many immigrants passed through angel island?

There isn't an exact number of people that passed through the Angel Islands. They passed through the Ellis Islands too, and were mostly Chinese.

How many babies were born on Ellis Island?

355 babies were born in Ellis island

How did Ellis Island grow?

Ellis island grew because of so many immigrants passing to that island it was a island of hope

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