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It is maintained by the nature itself. Hence we should not disturb it! For example by hunting some animals which disturbs the food web of Nature, by cutting the trees and building houses results in ecological imbalance

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Q: About how to maintain ecological balance in detail?
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What will you do to help maintain the ecological balance?

trees help us to maintain the ecological balance

What can you do to protect environnement?

maintain ecological balance.

What is the ecological balance of ecosystem?

Ecological balance is to preserve nature, to keep the nature more natural.In Canada, an initiative was taken to grow trees across the country, to maintain the balance of oxygen and to overcome the... akshay nighot

What does social forestry aim at?

1>To preserve forest resource, 2>To maintain ecological balance.

What is one significant effect of vascular plants?

they help maintain ecological balance by preventing desertification.

How is ecological balance maintained in biotic community?

1.By afforestation. PLANTING MORE AND MORE TREES WE CAN MAINTAIN ECOLOGICAL BALANCE. 2.By preserving BIODIVERSITY. 3.Through judicious use of resources.

Why is ecological balance is important?

why ecological balance is important

What is a cause of the biodiversity of rainforests?

Is used to maintain the ecological balance between the organisms in the rainforest.

How much minimum land area recommended for forest cover to maintain proper ecological balance in India is in percentage?


Why are food chain and food web necessary to ecosystem?

food chains and food webs are necessary as they maintain the ecological balance

How do you sustained ecological balance that will ensures the survival of future generation?

the balance of naturalk and how to sustain ecological balance for futurgenerations

How sulfur dioxide destroy the ecological balance of nature?

how sulfur dioxide destroy the ecological balance of nature