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Preserve the union.

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Abraham Lincoln's primary concern with respect to the southern states when he took office as President was conserving the union.

In truth, Abraham Lincoln did not stop the Civil War from breaking out; his election as the 16th American president is in fact one of the primary causes of the Civil War. At the same time, it can be said that he is mainly responsible for its successful conclusion, that is, for the Union victory in the four-year conflict.

they wanted to keep slavery in america whereas the north wanted slaves to be free and have equal rights. Abraham Lincoln was the president who wanted the slaves to be free

There were two major leaders in the US Civil War. One was US President Abraham Lincoln and in the Confederacy President Jefferson Thomas.Each side has powerful military leaders, however, as the war progressed it became clear as to who were the primary leaders, the aforementioned presidents.

The King of Siam offered Abraham Lincoln a herd of elephants which Lincoln declined.

red -no. Abraham Lincoln was color blind -actually Abraham Lincoln wasn't color blind. Despite popular belief, recent studies have shown that even through examining several primary resources, there is no good reason to believe Abraham Lincoln was ever color blind. It is true that he did suffer from bad eyesight (the medical term for it is hyperphoria), but as far as we know Lincoln was never color blind.

Lincoln Primary School was created in 1866.

After the bombardment and surrender of the Federal Fort Sumter, US President Lincoln saw his duty of protecting Federal property and keeping the US from becoming a state of anarchy as a primary objective. Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers to end the insurrection that was taking place in the seven Rebel states that had declared their independence from the US.With that said, it was clear that no other issue was as important as ending the Southern rebellion. He had no hidden agenda of abolishing slavery.

The motto of Lincoln Primary School is 'Lincoln Primary Students achieve personal excellence through being curious, caring and confident.'.

There were two presidents who served during the Reconstruction period. Abraham Lincoln, whose primary goal was putting the Union back together again after the war and his vice president, Andrew Johnson who assumed the presidency after Lincoln's death. Johnson completely dismantled all the Reconstruction programs, and abruptly stated it was over, due to his loyalty to secessionists.

A Primary Source is something that tells the truth and it was told by people in the event or the one that said it or did it. A Secondary Source is something that doesn't tell the truth and it was written by someone that searched it up online. An example of a primary source is Abraham Lincoln's quotes, my teacher gave me a sheet with a primary source in the front and in the back a secondary source. in the secondary source it said lies about Abraham Lincoln and in the primary source it said exactly what he said.

John Wilkes Booth and his fellow conspirators had kidnapping of President Lincoln as their primary objective. When the South surrendered, they acted in revenge for the Union's victory over the South.

The seven states seceded in protest of the election of President Abraham Lincoln because he was an abolitionist and they feared he would abolish slavery in all states. The second reason was to retain their independence. The third reason was they knew the outcome would not be favorable if they remained a part of the Union.

The primary elections are the elections in which a president is elected.

It Must be declared around 1/06/2009 . It's a confirmed news

the president had the power to veto laws.

Open primary- a election in which voters need not declare their part preference. Close primary- an election in which only the declared members of a part are allowed to vote for that party's nominees.

Its best to choose an ID for each table to use as the Primary Key (PK). This is best as an INT due to speed.

There is nothing in common with these two items. The Electoral College is how a US president is formally declared the winner of a presidential election. The super delegates are part of the Democratic Party's primary election process to determine who will be the Party's nominee for president.

Thomas Jefferson, later the third President of the United States, was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence.

The primary job of the president is to make sure that laws are enforced and that the government runs effectively. His job has seven different roles.

Abraham Lincoln's primary desire was to restore the union. His second inaugural speech spoke in terms of a joined union, with no side holding superiority over the other. He knew after such a bitter war, the only way for the union to survive would be to stress unity, forgiveness, and get on to the business of making the whole.

For a time during the Civil War, the United States was no longer. It was divided into two countries with two primary governments: the Confederacy consisted of southern states that supported slavery; the Union was comprised of northern states that opposed it. Jefferson Davis was the President of The Confederacy; Abraham Lincoln the President of the Union. General Robert E. Lee's surrender ended the war and the government of the Confederacy. The states rejoined to become the United States of America again.