Acceleration will only speed up an object True or false?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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False. At least the way "acceleration" is described in physics, acceleration involves any change in velocity - so the "accelerating" object can speed up, slow down, or simply change direction.

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Q: Acceleration will only speed up an object True or false?
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Is it true or false that acceleration can only occur when the speed of an object changes?

No. Acceleration is change of velocity. It occurs when an object changes speed and/or direction.

Acceleration is the change of speed and or direction of an object?


True or false acceleration is a change in motion?

'Acceleration' is a change in the speed and/or direction of motion.

Both speed and acceleration include the direction of an objects motion true or false?

This is not true. Acceleration includes direction, but speed does not. Speed in a particular direction is called velocity.

True or false To calculate the acceleration of and automobile you must first subtract the final speed from the initial speed?


Acceleration is the change in distance over time True or false?

False. Acceleration is a change of speed or direction over time.

Is it true or false that friction acts to speed up the motion of an object?


True or false a negative slope on the velocity vs. time graph indicates that the object is not accelerating?

False. It has negative acceleration.

Is it true or false that balanced forces can change an object's direction?

It is false. Change of direction is acceleration, which can only be produced by unbalanced forces.

True or false near the earth surface the amount of mass an object has does not affect its acceleration due to gravity?

True. Assuming you can ignore air resistance, the acceleration for any object is approximately 9.8 meters per second squared.

True or false Negative acceleration always means that a system is slowing down?

false A car can have a negative acceleration and be speeding up. A negative acceleration determines the direction of the acceleration A car with forward acceleration will speed up in the forward direction A car moving forward with a negative acceleration will slow down A car not moving with a negative acceleration will speed up in the backward direction A car moving backward with a negative acceleration will speed up in the backward direction

Acceleration is a vector quantity true or false?