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The volume is halved

(Explanation): this is boyle's law PV=PV. In order to keep this equation true, if one variable (pressure in this case) is doubled, the other variable must be the reciprocal of that (in this case 1/2, which is reciprocal of double).

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What happens to the volume of a gas when the pressure doubles (all else held constant)?

If the pressure doubles, the volume will be halved. This is according to Boyles Law when the temperature is constant (and the number of moles is constant). Thus, P1V1 = P2V2.

What happens to volume if the temperature is doubled and the pressure doubles?

pv=nrt if temp and pressure double, the equation is sound, and volume remains constant.

What happens to the particles of a gas when the kelvin temperature of an enclosed gas doubles?

If pressure remains constant, the volume will double. The particles absorb the heat as kinetic energy which causes them to collide and tyr to push farther apart increasing the volume. If the volume remains constant, then the pressure doubles.

What happens to pressure if temperature is doubled?

Pressure doubles too. Temperature and pressure share a direct relationship (this is called Gay-Lussac's Law.)

What happens to the pressure of a gas if the volume of a gas is tripled at a constant temperature?

The pressure will be 3 times less, if the gas is "ideal". This is according to PV=nRT.

If the temperature is held constant what happens to the pressure of the gas?

If the temperature is held constant the pressure of a gas will increase if the volume decreases.

What happens to temperature if pressure stays constant?

In an adiabatic process when pressure remains constant but volume is decreased, temperature will increase. If pressure remains constant but volume increases, temperature will decrease

What happens to a gas in an enclosed space as the pressure increases according to Boyles' Law?

If pressure increases, the volume will decrease P = 1/V or PV = constant

What happens to the gas volume at a given pressure?

Gas expands by heating at constant pressure

According to Boyles Law if the volume of a gas in a closed container increases while the gas is at a constant temperature hat happens to its pressure?

Pressure lowers proportionally with volume increase, in such a way that p*V remains constant (Boyle's Law)

What happens to the pressure of a system when the volume is decreased if the temperature and number of gas particles are held constant according to Boyles Law?

When pressure double, the volume halves. However this is only true if the number of molecules and the temperature are both in a constant state.

What happens to the temperature increase the number of particles what happens to the pressure?

Increasing the temperature the number of particles remain constant and the pressure increase.

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