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Q: According to Curtis Wilkie what rule do reporters need to stick by in order to be successful?
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Where did Curtis Wilkie go to college?

Curtis Wilkie went to University of Mississippi

What is Curtis Wilkie's occupation?

Curtis Wilkie is a/an former reporter for the Boston Globe, professor of journalism at the University of Mississippi

Where did Curtis Wilkie get the best information about what was happening in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina?

From newspapers

What had the most powerful effect on the curtis wilkie?

human-interest stories focusing on individuals who weathered the storm

Why does Curtis Wilkie identify as a strength of newspaper in words triumph over images?

They focus on the stories of individual-apex

In Words Triumph Over Images what does Curtis Wilkie identify as a weakness of television?

It doesn't provide enough context.

What does curtis wilkie identify as a strength of newspaper in word triumph over images?

greater detail

What is Curtis wilkie's purpose for writing words triumph over images?

To show that he felt newspapers gave a clearer picture of the disaster -Apex

What was curtis wilkie's purpose of writing word triumph over images?

Curtis Wilkie wrote "The Triumph of the Word: Essays in Memoirs, Poems, and Belles Lettres" with the purpose of exploring the power of language and literature to convey emotions and experiences that visual images may struggle to capture. The essays in the book delve into the significance and impact of words in conveying human stories and emotions.

What is the birth name of Bernard Wilkie?

Bernard Wilkie's birth name is Bernard Robert Wilkie.

What is the birth name of Bob Wilkie?

Bob Wilkie's birth name is Robert Edward Wilkie.

When was Alan Wilkie born?

Alan Wilkie was born in 1951.