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The active components of a mosquito killer depends on the type. Mosquito coils for instance contain pyrethrum, while sprays contain a pyrethrum and Permethrin combination.

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Q: Active components of mosquito killers
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Does mosquito killer eats mosquito?

No mosquitoes aren't eaten by mosquito killers they are just killed by them.

How do you make guyabano mosquito killer?

There are certain types of mosquito killers made from plants. The Guaynabo mosquito killer is made from extracts of the guya plant.

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What are some products used for mosquito killer?

Some products for mosquito killers are electronic traps, dunks and sprays. One of the most useful techniques for killing mosquitoes is by spraying them pyrethin and water.

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Can a mosquito repellent also kill them?

Normally any mosquito repellent drives away mosquitoes out of homes or enclosed spaces. However there are some repellents which are capable of killing with overdose. Repellents are not instant killers like sprays. But in any proper pest control, mosquito are killed completely.

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