Adidas where was it made?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Adidas lives and breathes sports, creating high-performance footwear and apparel designed to keep athletes on top of their game. State-of-the-art sports footwear, apparel and accessories, with over 3,500 products.

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It originally came from Germany.

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Q: Adidas where was it made?
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What are Adidas bags made from?

what are adidas bags made out of

Where are plus Adidas products made?

most Adidas products are made in Germany but they are also made in 67 diffrent countries !

Where are Adidas backpacks made?

Adidas products are manufactured in 62 countries globally. About 60 percent of the German company's products ( like Adidas ) are made in the Asia-Pacific region.

Were is Adidas made?

Germany. Did you know the head of adidas and puma were brothers and also Nazis.

Why jalandhar is manufacturer of ball for world cup football for Adidas?

It is made in Jalandhar for Adidas.

What is in a Adidas shoe?

an adidas shoe is made out of: Rubber, wool, cotton, polyester and leather

What are Adidas shoes made in?

A factory.

Who made the Adidas bags?


What are Adidas shoes made of?


Where are world cup footballs made?

They are made in India by Adidas.

What Country was Adidas made in?


How much profit did adidas make in 2008?

In the year of 2008 Adidas made 10,799,000,000 euros worth of sales.