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Q: Adjectives in spanish that start with v?
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What spanish adjectives start with the letter U?

· unanime (unanimous) · unico (unique)

What are adjectives that start with o r v and x?

Optimistic, reliable, vigilant and xenophobic start with those letters.

What are some spanish adjectives that start with k?

Very few words in Spanish begin with a 'k'; still fewer are adjectives kurdo = Kurdish kantiano = Kantian

What country start with v and their language?

· Venezuela - Spanish

What are any Spanish words that start with v?

vaca= cow

What are 156 adjectives in Spanish?

Consult a Spanish dictionary!

What complimentry adjectives start with the letter A?

Complimentary adjectives that start with the letter a:ableaccessibleadorableagreeableamazingangelicappreciativeartisticastuteathleticattractiveawesome

What are some v's adjictive?

Some adjectives that begin with V are:vainvalorousvigilantvegetarianvelvetvioletvivaciousvacantvaporousvulgarvoluptuousvirulentvariableviciousvictoriousvillainous

What are some adjectives that start with BLA?

Some adjectives that start with the letters BLA are:blackblamelessblanchedblandblaringblatant

What are the adverbs in Spanish?

Those formed by adjectives. Spanish adjectives can be adverbs: Iba lento --- He was going slowly Canta bonito --- He sings nicely

What are spanish words that start with w?

windsurf wat (electrical watt) Some German adjectives, e.g. wagneriano (though also 'vagneriano')

Most feminine adjectives end with the letter?

in spanish most feminine adjectives end with the letter A