Advantage and disadvantage of relational model?

Advantages of Relational approach
· Ease of use: The revision of any information as tables consisting 0f rows and columns is quite natural and therefore even first time users find it attractive.
· Flexibility: Different tables from which information has to be linked and extracted can be easily manipulated by operators such as project and join to give information in the form in which it is desired.
· Security: Security control and authorization can also be implemented more easily by moving sensitive attributes in a given table into a separate relation with its own authorization controls. If authorization requirement permits, a particular attribute could be joined back with others to enable full information retrieval.
· Data Independence: Data independence is achieved more easily with normalization structure used in a relational database than in the more complicated tree or network structure.
.Disadvantages of Relational Model:
· Hardware overheads: relational database systems hide the implementation complexities and the physical data storage details from the user. For doing this, the relational database system need more powerful hardware computers and data storage devices.
· Ease of design can lead to bad design: the relational database is easy to design and use. The user needs not to know the complexities of the data storage. This ease of design and use can lead to the development and implementation of the very poorly designed database management system.

Naveen Ahangama
Sri lanka
Esoft computer studies