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Advantages of increasing friction?

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the advantages in increasing friction is that it slows down motion, we can walk.

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What is the advantages of friction?

what is the advantages of friction

Methods of increasing and decreasing friction?

by increasing smothness wecan decrease the friction and vice versa

Example of ways increasing friction?

Friction can be increased by reducing the speed of the moving object. Friction can also be increased by increasing the weight of the moving object.

Advantages of friction in your daily life?

friction has many advantages walking,moving of a vehicle etc...............

Photos of advantages and disadvantages of friction?

Advantage of friction photo

What are Advantages and dis-advantages of friction?

list two examples where friction is useful and another two where it is harmful and why

State any two advantages of friction?

Two advantages of friction include the fact that friction allows us to walk and to drive and friction allows for the slowing of objects which are in contact with the ground or other surfaces.

Give the ways of increasing and reducing friction?

By making the surface rough for increasing friction....... use any lubricating material to reduce the friction.. use rollers to decrease the friction force.. make less contact between 2 connecting materials..

Does increasing sliding mass increase friction?


What are ways to increase friction?

1)increasing the roughness of the surface 2)increasing the mass of the object

What are the applications of increasing friction?

When friction increases, the object slows down. It can be used in, f. ex, brakes.

What makes friction bigger?

Friction isn't a size. You can increase friction by increasing the pressure on two objects as they pass, or reduce lubrication between them.

How can you increase the amount of friction between your shoes and the ground?

by increasing the roughness of the ground or increasing the sole of the shoes

What are advantages of increasing staff?

Staff is more rearward than it is increasing, imho

List and Explain 2 reasons why you might increase friction between two objects?

Car tires and the road: increasing friction will allow a car to brake faster. Shoes and the ground: increasing friction will make it less likely for you to slip.

Ways on increasing and decreasing friction?

IT can move or kiss or bold

Does increasing friction make it easier to move an object?


Different ways of increasing and decreasing friction?

To decrease the frictionto decrease the friction of a body the following steps can be takenmake the surface smoothuse oil etc to decrease the friction

Is putting sand on ice a way to reduce friction?

Nope. It increasing friction so it is easier to pass icy roads

A machine makes work easier by reducing force and increasing?


How one can increase the force of friction?

by increasing the normal reaction on a body

Throwing sand on an icy driveway is an example of increasing intentionally?


What are the uses of decreasing or increasing friction in daily life?

applying a brake

What are advantages and disadvantages of population growth in the economy of the Philippines?

advantages and disadvantages of increasing population

Give the advantages of friction?

Friction is a retarding force. Without friction you can't walk, write move about as the surface will be so smooth that you don't get a grip.