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disatvantages of watching tv

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Q: Advantages of watching TV
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The advantages and disadvantages of watching tv?

The advantages of watching TV could be to stay up to date on news and weather. The disadvantages would be spending to much time watching it.

What are the advantages of watching tv?

get information

What are the advantages of watching television?

dont have to do anything

What are some advantages of watching TV online?

One of the advantages of watching TV online is that the commercials are generally shorter. Another advantage is that one can choose which specific episode to watch.

What is the Advantages of watching WWE on tv?

You get much closer to the superstars!

Debate on advantages or disadvantages of watching tv?

it causes bad eye sight

What are the pros of TV?

Television has many advantages. Some of those pros include being a source of information through watching news, it provides entertainment and it is also an educational tool through watching educational channels.

What are advantages and disadvantages of watching television?

advantage: sad people dont have enough time to sk pointless questions on the internet..

What are the advantages of a projection tv as opposed to an led tv.?

All my fiancee buys are projection tvs for his gaming and watching needs. He says they are like watching on a big screen at the movies. My eyes are not that good so I could never tell the difference. Either are good for me.

What are advantages and disadvantages of movie?

The advantages are that they entertain you and the disadvantages are that watching TV is a waste of time but that can also be a good thing if you want to do something as soon as possible because you can just sit in front of the TV and waste time and still have fun.

What are the advantages of watching sport on tv?

Watching tv on sports to false imagination. As, we watch football on TV and then day by day we get addicted to it . Then one day we will think that we can also become a great player like Messi, but sometimes it's possible!! Yes , if we practice we can win, but not always!!

What are the advantages to watch television for children?

Hi friend, they might learn new things and much more by watching tv. Thanks

If you were watching proceedings would you be watching a ballgame on television?


Is watching television a hobby?

Yes, television watching is a hobby.

What do Americans gain by spending their leisure time watching television?

Americans are entertained by watching television. They really don't gain much from watching TV unless they are watching educational programing.

What are the advantages of TV?

By watching TV , we can see many things happened in the surrounding us world , therefore it help us to catch and avoid being dropped back from the world of information.

What is a continuous verb?

The continuous tense has a verb phrase - be + present participle.Present contiuous = am/is/are + present I am watching TV. She is watching TV, They are watching TV.Past contiuous = was/were +present I was watching TV. She was watching TV. They were watching TV.

why am i crying watching tv?

Its normal to get emotional while watching sad/heartwarming tv shows.

Is watching TV and eating bad for you?

No, a lot of people eat while watching tv.

Does watching TV make you tired?

yes it does i was watching tv today i was so tired after watching it for 2 long hours so yes the tv does make you tired

Is Watching tv better than sleeping?

No, your brain waves are lower when you are watching tv then when you are sleeping. This means you accually think less when you are watching tv than when you are sleeping.

If someone were watching WREX TV what would they be watching?

If one was watching WREX TV one would be watching the news. One can also use the official website of WREX TV for all the latest news and flood warnings etc.

How do you say watching tv in Welsh?

Gwylio'r teledu means watching television.

What is the present participle of watch?

watching. They are watching television.

Is there any difference between watching movie and watching tv?