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If the violation was derived by the use of a breathalizer test, you could contest the results when (like always) an enforcement officer administers the test. By the Federal Drug Administration Laws: the only person that can legally operate a blood alcohol monitor (breathalizer) is a licensed physician that is licensed that is licensed by the state board in the state that the BA test is administed. Like crooked banks get the prejudice of most of the judges, the officer that brought this case to trial would attempt to argue this point......good attorney....Federal superceeds...state...county and municipal???? It can be contested and overturned and you would not have to worry about the statute time. The law system along with the insurance companies make billions on DUIs each year so do not expect them to jump up and down and readily agree with this fact, but it is truly a fact of law. good luck

Was 10 years, I'm not sure about now.

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The forgoing answer makes no sense and is not responsive to the question. The underwriting guidelines of the auto insurance company dictate how long a surcharge may be added to the premium after a DUI conviction. The insurance regulatory authority of the state in which the insurer wishes to do business (and therefore, in which it has filed its rates and forms for approval) will review the proposal and either allow it or require modification in accordance with state insurance law. The federal government has no involvement.

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Q: After a DUI conviction how long do insurance companies charge additional premiums?
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