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By definition, 50%. Half life is the time for half of the original sample to decay.

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Q: After one half-life what percent of the original uranium remains?
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How old is a rock for which you determine that 55 percent of the original uranium-238 remains while the other 45 percent has decayed into lead?

3.88 billion years

What is the halflife of Uranium-239?

The half-life of uranium-239 is 23.45 minutes.

What is the half life of uranium 238 if 85.719 percent of any given amount remains after 1 billion years?

Natural uranium contain 0,7204 % uranium 235.

When uranium -238 decays to form thorium-234 the uranium nucleus emitts?

Uranium 238 is aan alpha particles emitter: halflife 4,468.109 years, energy 4,270 MeV.

What is the original name for uranium?

Uranium is a scientific name.

Does uranium 238 have the shortest half life?

The half life of 238U is 4,468.109 years; this is a very long halflife !

If Uranium has a halflife of 1 day how much is left at the end of the third day?

The half life of uranium is not one day. For an isotope with the half life or one day, after 3 days: the quantity remained is 12,5 %.

Which is the next stable element after uranium?

none, uranium itself is unstable, there are no stable elements after bismuth; and even some researchers suggest that bismuth is an unstable radioactive element with a halflife approaching twice the age of the universe.

How many uranium percent at U3O8?

The uranium oxide U3O8 contain 84,8 % uranium.

Which uranium isotope is onley 0.7 percent of natural uranium and is the fissile part?

Uranium 235 is 0.7 percent of natural uranium and is fissile

What does uranium 234 looks like?

Uranium 234 is a natural isotope of uranium. Some characteristics: Atomic mass: 234,040 952 088 ± 0,000 001 960 amu Protons and electrons: 92 (atomic number) Neutrons: 144 Halflife: 2,455.105 years Concentratiom in natural uranium: 0,0058 % Uranium 234 has no technical use.

What element is formed when uranium-238atomic number92ejects an alpha particle?

238U radiates alpha particles and decays via 234Th and 234Pa into 234U, which has a halflife of 245,500 years. (Thorium-234, Protactinium-234, Uranium-234 respectively)