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$50-$250 depending upon condition.


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Your serial number indicates that your Marlin model 782 was made in the year 1977.

You will need to add the serial number,to get the answer to your question.

Your original model 1893 Marlin rifle was made in the year 1906,with the serial number that you have provided.

Your serial number indicates that your model 782 rifle was made in the year 1981.

Your Mossberg was made prior to 1968, and will not have a serial number unless made for the US Military. SNs were not required by law on rifle and shotguns until 1968. Patent Pending means that a patent has been applied for- but not yet granted- on some mechanism in that rifle.

Your Marlin model 336CS(Carbine Sporter)was made in the year 1987.

The serial number on marlin 336rc is under the lever of the gun

Check to see if there is a letter ahead of the serial number.It should be their and then we can identify the year of production.

What is the age of my Marlin rifle if the serial number is 26,000,000 plus

Confusing question: If you have a Marlin with the serial# 1893 it was made about 1881-1882. If you have a model 1893Marlin then send me an email with the serial # or repost your question with the model 1893 serial #.C6787

250-375 dollars depending on overall condition of the rifle in question.

Subtract the first two numbers in the serial # (23) from 100 for the year it was made. Thus it is a 1977 year model.

The H prefix to your serial number indicates that your marlin model 336A was made by marlin in 1951.

With the serial number provided,your Marlin .22cal rifle was made by Marlin in the year 1985.

Your Marlin model 1893 rifle was made by marlin in 1894 with the serial number that you provided.

Will need the serial number to your marlin if we are going to help you on this question.

Your Marlin firearm was made in the year 1991,with the serial number provided.

The serial number that you provided,indicates that your marlin model 1893 rifle was made by marlin in 1902.

What is the value of a Marlin model 3220CL classic serial 3220CL48?

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