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Agent orange is?

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a defoliant and herbicide

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Is agent orange hereditary?

Agent Orange is a chemical weapon not a disease! However the negative effects of Agent Orange on health are likely passed on to the children of those who were exposed to Agent Orange.

Where was agent orange shipped from?

agent orange ws shipped from the US into US Bases in Vietnam then they put the agent orange onto the helicopters then they launch the helicopters to spray the agent orange

What were the long term affects to the soilders to orange agent?

Agent orange caused soldiers to eventually get cancer Agent orange caused soldiers to eventually get cancer Agent orange caused soldiers to eventually get cancer Agent orange caused soldiers to eventually get cancer

What is so dangerous about Agent Orange?

See website: Agent Orange.

Was agent orange used on Okinawa?

Agent Orange was used in Okinawa.

Is radiation the cause for agent orange?

No , radiation and Agent Orange have no connection

Can lupus be caused by agent orange?

Lupusis notcaused by agent orange.

What is a word which may precede provocateur orange noun and general?

Agent agent-provocateur Agent Orange agent noun Agent-general

What other chemical were used in the Vietnam War?

Agent Orange Agent Orange

Does agent orange cause myelodysplastic syndrome?

See website: Agent Orange

What are the immune system disorders related to Agent Orange?

See: Agent Orange

What is the duration of Agent Orange film?

The duration of Agent Orange - film - is 960.0 seconds.

Who discovered agent orange?

a defoliant that kills leaves

What were the effects of napalm and agent orange?

Napalm burned. Agent Orange caused diseases.

Is lung scar tissue related to agent orange?

Can be. I had a friend die of exposure to agent orange.

Did agent orange cause cancer?

Agent Orange affected many people. Such as varying diseases and child abnormalities. It is not known for certain that Agent Orange is also an influence to Cancer.

What are the health side effects of agent orange?

Two of the most common effects of Agent Orange are Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and prostate cancer. Offspring of those exposed to Agent Orange have also been afflicted with spinal biffida attributed to Agent Orange. There are also many less common conditions thought to be caused or aggravated by Agent Orange exposure.

Why did the US call agent orange agent orange?

The military often color codes their ordnance. An aerial bomb or artillery shell marked with YELLOW letters means explosive. Agent Orange was shipped with an ORANGE marking on it.

How did agent orange affect solders?

The annoying orange?

When was agent orange used in fort Polk Louisiana?

was agent orange used at fort polk la.

What actors and actresses appeared in Agent Orange - 2004?

The cast of Agent Orange - 2004 includes: Christopher Carley as Orange Boy Jessica Stam as Orange Girl

What word starting with A may precede noun general or orange?

"Agent"; Agent-General is a title in the UN, I believe, and Agent Orange is a chemical weapon.

Is agent orange contagest?


Did agent orange contaminate vehicles after Vietnam?

Agent Orange destroyed living organism; vegetation/animal life.

Is amyloidosis related to agent orange?

Yes,it is now recognized by the VA as being related to Agent Orange exposure.