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The phone number for the Alabama State Conference Of The NAACP is (256) 444-1300.

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Q: Alabama NAACP telephone number
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Why was NAACP v Alabama an important case?

NAACP v Alabama was important because it would have prohibited the NAACP from operating in the state of Alabama. The NAACP won the case and it was a big victory for civil rights.

Do you have the phone number for the NAACP?

I would like for someone to contact me my name is Mr. George DuBuclet, Jr., I have contributed to the NAACP; but they have continue to misspell my last name when sending me correspondence , at my mailing address. Thanks

What was the name of the group Rosa Parks was part of in Montgomery Alabama?

Rosa Parks was a member of the Montgomery, Alabama, chapter of the NAACP.

What year did Rosa Parks work at NAACP?

Rosa Parks volunteered as the secretary to Edgar Nixon, President of the Montgomery, Alabama, NAACP from 1943 until 1956 or '57.

Where is NAACP based?

where is the naacp based

What is the mission statement of the NAACP?

what is the naacp mission

When was NAACP found?

The NAACP was founded in 1909

What was Rosa PARK secretarian for?

I am assuming you are asking "Who was Rosa Parks a secretary for?" If this is what you are asking then the answer is, "Rosa Parks was the secretary of E. D. Nixon of the Montgomery, Alabama branch of the NAACP. "

When did the NAACP take place?

where does the NAACP take plancewhat dates or time period does the NAACP occurred

When did the naacp took place?

The NAACP took place in 1960

How did the NAACP help African-Americans?

how did the NAACP help??? in Rosa parks situation??? how did the NAACP help??? in Rosa parks situation???

What was Thurgood marshalls role in brown v. Board of education?

He was an attorney for the NAACP. - NovaNet.

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