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Who was the creator of alternative rock music?

Although there is no official "creator" alternative rock was a very unpopular underground genre for years until the 90's, when bands such as nirvana began calling themselves alternative, bringing the term alternative rock into the mainstream.

What were popular rock bands in the early 90's?

blink 182 and sum 41 was some of the most popular rock bands in the 90's.

What were the famous rock bands in the 1960's?

the beatles

What were the top 10 Alternative Rock bands of the 1990's?

Nirvana Oasis Radiohead Blur Smashing Pumpkins Alice in Chains Green Day Pearl Jam Stereophonics Beck

What are the British rock bands from the 1970's?

rolling stones

List of 80's alternative bands?

KISS Metallica Pink Floyd

Women singers in rock bands of the 70's?

One woman singer in a rock band during the 70's was Chrissie Hynde. Two other female singers in rock bands during the 70's were Stevie Nicks and Nancy Wilson.

List of Rock bands with female lead singers from 1970's?

The runaways

Which rock bands played with an orchestra?

Metallica, album S&M

What is alternative rock?

The term alternative rock came about in the very late 80's and 90's and at the time was synonymous with "grunge music". At that time there was nothing like it at all on the radio and in most places, in the very beginning, you couldn't really even find that type of sound even at a local bands show so it was an "alternative" to what was on the radio. As with most things who's popularity blasts off like a rocket, the scene became over exposed. What people call "alternative rock" today really isn't in the true sense of the term.

Who were the kid bands of the 70's?

smokie, sweet, slade, all glam rock

What is neo-alternative rock?

The term neo means new and alternative rock is a genre of music. Alternative rock became popular in the 1990's. If there is any type of neo alternative rock it is either older songs/artists making a comeback or the wrong definition used to describe new rock music.

What are the best 90's alternative bands?

In my opinion, it would be blur. It's ONLY my opinion.

Did Christian rock start in 1960?

Yes. Christian rock began in the 60's. However, the Christian rock genre and the Christian rock bands did not get any recognition until the 80's and 90's.

What is the name of a British rock band 1864?

There weren't any rock bands in 1864. Rock music was born in the 1950's.

Which bands best exemplify hard rock in the 1960's?

The Rolling Stones & Jimi Hendrix.

When was alternative rock invented?

It emerged in the 1980's and became widely popular in the 1990's.

When did alternative rock start?

WLIR radio began an alternative format as early as 1970. By the late 1970's, WLIR was broadcasting a mix of dance, punk, and alternative -- a "new wave" of music. In 1983, soon after music video TV stations became popular, alternative dance rock such as The Police, Men At Work, and David Bowie filled the radio.In the late 1980's, a heavier, guitar-oriented alternative was developed by bands including Nirvana, Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Jane's Addiction. In 1990, Alice In Chains joined the list with its first album, Facelift. By 1992, with the introduction of Pearl Jam and the breakthrough of Nirvana, alternative rock swept the nation.

What are sme rock bands from the 1990's?

aerosmith Bryan Adams boyz II Men UB40

Who was the first rock band of the 1990's?

The most popular rock bands of the nineties were, in this order: Boyz II Men, Bryan Adams and Aerosmith.

Famous bands starting with s?

Smash Mouth Sly and the Family Stone Slade

What are some rock bands of the 1980's?

Blondie REO Speedwagon Survivor Men At Work Eurythmics Toto

What are some rock bands from the 1960's?

the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Doors, Pink Floyd, the Velvet Underground

Who is styx and foreigner?

They're rock bands from the 70's and 80's. Currently touring together with Kansas in North America.

What were the top 100 Alternative Rock Songs of the 1990's?

#1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana