An active reader will always

Updated: 12/13/2022
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stay focused on the text.

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Q: An active reader will always
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A reader who's invested and emotionally involved in the story IS?

an active reader

An active reader will always do what?

having a two way convo

Which type of reader should you be if you are trying to remember information that you are reading?

You should be an active reader if you are trying to remember the information that you are reading.

What should you do to an active reader?

Maintain your focus on the text

Which of these is not essential to being an active reader?

Having a large vocabulary

What do you need to be a active reader?

A. ask questions and make comments

What will an active reader do after reading something he or she doesn't ungerstand?

reread it

When was Always Active Technologies created?

Always Active Technologies was created in 2001.

What is highlighting and note taking a essential part of?

Being an active reader.

What kind of reader reads with their eyes Active or Passive?

" is that relly true"\

What are the common practices of a successful active reader?

Looking for the answers to your questions

what do you need to do to be an active reader apex?

Ask questions and make comments.