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tarpon- poon, silver king

bonefish- grey ghost

king mackerel- kingfish, silver bullet

snook- bucket mouth, line sider, moss back

small red drum- rat

male red drum- bull red

dolphin- dorado, mahi mahi, peanuts, chickens

female dolphin- cow

male dolphin- bull

amberjack- aj, reef donkey, wreck donkey

swordfish, sailfish, marlin- bill fish

snapper- snaps

small tuna- footballs

sardines- greenbacks, white bait

flounder- door mat

blue runner- wezzy

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Fresh water fish- Catfish and salt water fish-Flying fish (Exocoetus).

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The puffer fish, swordfish, clown fish, tuna fish.

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its called a Marine

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Q: An adjective used to name saltwater fish?
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What is the adjective used to name salt-water fish?

The adjective is 'marine'.

Why is an estuary used as a nursery for the young of many saltwater fish?

Why is an estuary used as a nursery for the younng of many saltwater fish

Is codfish saltwater or freshwater fish?

The most common codfish is saltwater, but some are freshwater

Where can one purchase saltwater fishing lures?

Fishing lures imitate the prey of fish and are used on the end of fishing lines to help catch fish. One can purchase saltwater fishing lures from Walmart, Basspro, or BooneBait.

What is a hokie?

It's an odd-looking, Saltwater Fish that is used by McDonalds in theie Fillet-o-Fish Sandwich. It's been in the news because they are being over-fished

What does saltwater fish eats?

pretty much saltwater fish eat other fish in the wild. Out deep fish rely on bonita and other school fish for prey. If you are fishing, use dead or live baitfish such as bonita. This is used for bigger game fish. Inshore fishing can use a variety of bait including shrimp,live croakers, and small bait fish. There are a lot of choices in the ocean!

What is 1 adjective for fish?

Piscine is a word meaning related to fish. Fishy is another adjective related to the word fish. Adjectives used to describe fish include tropical, freshwater, and mild.

What is the tem used to describe fish that migrate from freshwater to saltwater?

anadromous fishes - live in ocean reproduce in freshwater or catadromous fishes - live in freshwater but reproduce in saltwater amphidromus fishes - move between fresh and saltwater for non-reproductive reasons

Can Granite rock be used in fish tanks?

In freshwater yes. I would not recommend it in saltwater. If it is not in the ocean naturally I would not put it in a saltwater tank. There isn't too much you can't put in freshwater.

How do you fly fish for saltwater fish?

Saltwater flyfishing is done with heavier tackle and typically uses wet flies resembling baitfish. However, saltwater fish can also be caught with "poppers," a surface lure similar to those used for freshwater bass fishing, though much larger. Saltwater species sought and caught with fly tackle include: bonefish, tuna, dorado (mahi-mahi), sailfish, tarpon, striped bass, salmon and marlin. Offshore saltwater species are usually attracted to the fly by "chumming" with small baitfish, or "teasing" the fish to the boat by trolling a large hookless lure. Many saltwater species, particularly large, fast and powerful fish, are not easily slowed down by "palming" the hand on the reel. Instead, a purpose-made saltwater reel for these species must have a powerful drag system.

Are saltwater fish hypersmotic?

The word "Hypersmotic' relates to "Osmosis" and bears no relation to fish or their ability to live in salt water. It can not be used in the way you suggest and make any sense at all.

Is fished an adverb?

No. Fish can be a verb, or a noun, or a plural noun, which can be an adjunct or adjective (fish fillets). The word "fishy" is an adjective but the adverb (fishily) is not a regularly used word.