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The force acting on a moving charge q in a magnetic field B is given by

F = qvBsinθ

Substituting the value of F,q, and sinθ (The value of sinθ = 90o ,which is equal to 1)

We get ,v = F/qBsinθ

= 3.84 x 10-14 /2 x 1.6 x 10-16 x 0.2

= 384 x 105 /2 x 16 x 2

= 6 x 105 ms-1

The speed of alpha particle is 6 x 105 ms-1

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Q: An alpha particle Helium travelling at right angles to magnetic field of 0.2 weber per m sq experience a force of 3.84 x 10-14 N.What is the speed of alpha particle?
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