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Sulfur is yellow in its natural state.

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Q: An element that is yellow in its natural state?
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What is the natural state of matter of the element tellurium?

a natural state of matter would be tellurium

In what compound is sodium found in its natural state?

if sodium is in a compound, it will not be in natural state. natural state implies that it is a pure element. ie not a compound

What is the natural state of the element bromine?

in its pure natural state uncombined with other elements, bromine is a LIQUID...

What is the standard state of chromium?

The natural state of the element chromium is a solid metal. The natural state just indicates what the element is.

What was the element Argon natural state?

Argon is a gas at STP.

What is roentgeniums natural state?

Roentgenium is a metal, solid, artificial element.

What is the difference between an element and a native element?

Elements can either be synthetic or natural. Synthetic elements are made artificially in laboratories, while natural elements exist in their natural state in nature. Natural elements can further be defined as native elements. These elements exist in their uncombined state.

What element glows yellow when it's electrons fall into the ground state?

I guess Sodium.

What element on the periodic table has ninety electrons?

A transition element of f-block Thorium has 90 electrons in natural state, it is a Radioactive element.

What are the uses of the element chromium in its natural state?

See the link below for chromium applications.

What is the natural state of the element ununbium?

Unknown now; possible a gas or a liquid metal.

What is the element calcium's natural state?

Like most elements, calcium is a solid.