An example of a polymorphic trait?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Blood type

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Q: An example of a polymorphic trait?
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What term describes a population that has more than one phenotype for a particular trait?


What is a polymorphic character?

" many bodies " traits. The three alleles for blood type is an example of this. Height/size is another example of this and many other variations in animal physiology are examples of this. Discrete traits, everybody has a heart, are in contrast to this, but even in discrete traits there are variations.

Which virus can change its own code?


What is the type of trait that has many phenotypes?

The trait that describes the collected results of phenotypic expression of Genes - the karyotype describes the physical form of the {finally composed} shape of the organism. Added: A polymorphic trait. Could be the result of polygenic genetic composition, or anything in the environment, such as temporal or physical separations in the same population of organisms.

When was Polymorphic Programming Language created?

Polymorphic Programming Language was created in 1969.

Is frizzle trait in chickens an example of pleiotropy?

Yes, the frizzle trait in chickens is an example of Pleiotropy.

What are polymorphic cells?

Polymorphic cells are transforming cells that allows a tiena to change in focus.

What is an example of a trait that is controlled by more than one trait?

Your Height

What is an example of learned trait?

Doing mathematics is definitely a learned trait.

What is the definition for the word characteristics?

Charateristics is a trait for example a mean trait

Do alleles have to be the same trait for example Tt or can they have two traits combined for example Tb?

Alleles are the same trait

What is continuously varying trait?

A discontinuous trait is the opposite of a continuous trait. They are "either/or" traits that do not have any range. An example would be the sex of an offspring, whereas an example of a continuous trait would be haircolor, where many options are available.