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A paragraph refers to several distinct sub-division of texts that are intended to separate ideas. In this case it is usually used to separate the facts and judgment.

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facts and judgments

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Q: An examples of paragraph development by facts and judgments?
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How do you write editor's note?

1 paragraph reveal topic with a personal tone 2 paragraph facts+ examples paragraph" " ^ paragraph" " ^ paragraph call to action a definite stance

What does commentary mean in a paragraph?

Commentary means a explanation of the way the facts, details and or examples in a paragraph or essay support the topic sentence.

What is a inductive paragraph?

A paragraph which contains reasoning and facts

Examples of misrepresentation of facts?

Examples of misrepresentation of facts Examples of misrepresentation of facts

What are personal judgments based on beliefs rather than facts?


How would you use the words body paragraph in a sentence?

The body paragraphs are located between the introductory and concluding paragraphs. The body paragraphs of your essay should support your thesis and give examples.

How do you wrte aparagraph about storms?

If you are writing a paragraph about storms start by listing out a few key facts. After you have your facts you can incorporate them into a short paragraph.

How do you write a least 5 fact about inuit in one paragraph?

In order to write a paragraph including at least five facts about the Inuit, you should first research and determine which five or more facts to include. After you have determined which facts you will include in your paragraph, determine the best order in which to do so and write your paragraph.

What is informational paragraph?

it is a paragraph about something or someone.. like it can be facts about cats.. Meaning you will say facts about the cats and stuff,, must ALWAYS be true :] thanks

Which element of a paragraph uses ideas and facts to support the main idea?

This is done in the body of the paragraph.

What is a essays?

a 3 paragraph page full of facts

What is essays?

a 3 paragraph page full of facts