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reproduces asexually.

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Q: An intermediate host is an organism in which a parasite?
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What is an organism that provides a source of nutritional needs for a parasite?

Host. Host.

The organism from which a parasite obtains nutritional needs is called?

The organism from which a parasite obtains nutritional needs is called a host. The host is a food source and a home for the parasite.

What is an internal parasite?

An external parasite is an organism that lives on another organism. The external parasite depends on its host for food and shelter while the host is usually harmed.

An organism that supports a parasite?

Any type of living organism

What is a what is s parasite?

A parasite lives on another organism (host) at the expense of the host. The host is being harmed while the parasite is benefiting.

What are the differences between a virus and a parasite?

A parasite is an organism that lives in or on another organism (the host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense. A virus is a form of parasite.

What is a parasitic host?

Host is an organism on or in which parasite live

What Organism supports a parasite?


What is different between intermediate host and resiver host?

An intermediate host is an animal that is needed for a parasite to develop through one or more stages of life before being transferred to a definitive host in which the parasite will develop into sexual maturity. A reservoir host is a host that may be an intermediate or definitive host but provides a place where a parasite may "hang out" while enviromental conditions are less than optimal.


Host:Β an organism that harbors another organism (parasite) inside or near its own body, typically providing nourishment and shelter for the parasite

What organism lives on or in host at the expense of that host is called?

Living at the others expense would be a parasite

What is an organism that lives at the expense of its host?