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What to say to a girl when you got nothing to say?

If you are mates just ask how she is. It will usually spark off a conversation. And if that doesn't tell of something that you know will make her smile. Girls love a guy that can make them laugh. But don't embarress yourself! Girls also love a guy that is cool! Hope this helps ---- Comment on some ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when someone says nothing?

Answer . People don't always have to be talking all the time. Some people are of a quiet nature or could be shy. If you ask them a direct question and they say nothing then simply say, 'I asked you a question and I would appreciate an answer.'

A guy says we have nothing in common?

Answer . Perhaps you both don't have anything in common and it wouldn't make for a good relationship. That's his feelings and you have to respect that just as you would hope some guy would respect you if you said the same thing about him. He's being honest so it's time to move on. There are a lot ( Full Answer )

What if he sometimes has nothing to say?

That's fine. You don't always need to talk - sometimes its nice to just be able to enjoy one anothers company without always having to say something.

Where did the saying 'not for nothing' come from?

"Not for nothing," meaning "for a great deal" is a turn of phrase that may come from the study of the Latin language, which delights in this kind of positive assertion via negative negation. Non nulli, for example, literally means "not nobody," but is used to mean "very many people, everyone."

What to do when you have nothing to say on a date?

jus keep trying. nothin is more awkward then awkward silences... talk about things you have in common.. you might go to the same school.. work together.. have similar friends... similar intrests... hey, if you have nothin in common, find out there interestd in && pretend to be intrested in the ( Full Answer )

How to say it was nothing in french?

As an equivalent response to an expression of thanks, I would suggest " pas de quoi ". sounds like: pah duh kwah (more colloquially, "pod kwah")

How do you say nothing in Chinese?

一点也不 [yì diǎn yě bù] - nothing related 什么也没有 [shén me yě méi yǒu] - nothing to do

What do you say when you have nothing to say?

When your talking with someone, and have run out of things to say, and you still want to keep up a conversation, just ask what they like to do or if they know one of your friends. If you have REALLY hit a bump in the road, it would be best to say "Catch you later." or "See you around." Don't just sa ( Full Answer )

I have nothing to say?

I recall this as an oft used quote by Oliver Hardy. Usually said to Stan Laurel. With a flourish. I have Nothing to say.

What does it mean if your boyfriend has nothing to say to you?

Well, firstly, you two may be growing apart. This may be because you are getting bored of each other??... Although, as he does not have anything to say to you, maybe it would be kinder to break up.. Although, this is really harsh, so try to solve this problem.. I am sorry if this doesn't help you, ( Full Answer )

How do you say Nothing really in spanish?

Nothing = Nada Really - realmente When "really" is used as "honest" or "truly" the word "verdad" (truth) is more appropriate. What's wrong. --nothing, really. Que pasa --Verdaderamente nada! (truly nothing) or Nada, de verdad. However when used as "nothing really happened" then it would ( Full Answer )

How do you say nothing in Hebrew?

kloum (sounds like broom): kaf; lamed; vav; mem (sofit). with vowels: כְּלוּם. without vowels:כלום. Remember Hebrew is written and read right to left**

How do you say You have nothing to say in Spanish?

No tiene / tienen / tienes / tenéis nada que decir=You have nothing to say. No tengo nada que decir=I have nothing to say. also we can say "no tienes nada como para decir que ..."

How to say I know nothing in Italian?

Non so niente, but that's literally "I know nothing at all." ;-) If you mean you don't know anything about a specific issue, like "I don't know anything about it," you would say non ne so niente.

My disc says its full when there is nothing on it?

Disc = DVD or CD or Hard disk?? If its a DVD or CD then the chances are it has been formatted incorrectly. If its a hard disk then it probably has not been partitioned correctly or the disk partition is damaged, or the drive has not been formatted correctly

When there is nothing to talk about what do you say?

Sometimes it isn't necessary to talk when you don't feel like it, but, there is always something to talk about such as the latest good movie out; favorite actor; band; favorite song, etc.

How do you say nothing you in German?

nothing - nichts you - du Nichts du could be an answer to the question Was ist denn los? (What's the matter? What's wrong?). The du would simply be there for emphasis, beyond that the phrase nichts du doesn't make a lot of sense.

She says she loves you but argues with you about nothing?

She is, a. going through something hard that doesnt involve you, b. is to afraid to break up with you and doest really love you, c. she is going through hormonal changes. Either way, constistant arguing isn't a good thing in a relationship. Try to communicate with her.

What does 'nothing gold can say' relate to?

It relates to childhood and innocence I believe. "Natures first green is gold" Stating natures children are born as, you guessed it, children. "Her hardest hue to hold" Age is inevitable, you can't hold on to the hands of time

What does it mean when someone says that it has nothing to with them?

When someone says that it has nothing to do with them it is clear by that sentence that they do not want to get involved. Example: If a person went to someone and complained about an argument they had with their mate or with a friend that person you are complaining too may not want to listen or get ( Full Answer )

What do you say when you have nothing to talk about?

Usually bring up a random conversation like... -So, did you see or hear any interesting things today? -How did they send that monkey to the moon. -Are you hungry? -Do you have a facebook? Things like that

Who is king nothing that metallica sings about?

the song is about materialism, wanting to have a lot and the fear of losing everything... i remember that i read an interview about lars and he said that king nothing is about his fear of losing everything he have

Why does this girl say nothing about my girlfriend?

because she's jealous of your girl also . She could be jealous of him as said above, don't worry about it unless for some reason you have some feelings for that other girl as well. If she doesn't say anything bad about your girlfriend, I wouldn't worry about it.

How do you say iy was nothing in french?

When someone says "merci" (thank-you) then you would say "De rien",which means you're welcome, or it was nothing. 'Rien' meansnothing, and 'de rien' is it was nothing.

How do you say good-for-nothing in Arabic?

Translation: La khayr fihi (لا خير فيه) which literally means"there is no good in it", but refers to a person who is lazy anddoes nothing useful.

How do you say I have nothing to do in Arabic?

In Proper Arabic, it would be: Laysa 3andi shay2 le'af3aloho (ليسعندي شيء لأفعلة). In Egyptian Arabic, it would be: Mesh 3andi shay lel3aml (مش عنديشي للعمل).

What is a word to say when you have nothing to say?

"Yeah.." "Mhm.." Or just smile and nod. If you mean "How do you break an awkward silence?", just try tothink of something slightly interesting about what you've done thisweek "OH! Wow so I forgot to tell you, I went rock climbing thisweekend, it was awesome- have you ever gone?" or a randomthought/i ( Full Answer )

How do you say Nothing how about you in Japanese?

Since the answer depends on the question you're answering, these are some variations: I do nothing. You? (e.g. "What do you do on Saturdays?") Casually: 何でもしない。あなたは?(Nan demo shi nai. Anata wa?) Moderately politely: 何でも ( Full Answer )

How do you say i have nothing in greek?

"Δεν έχω τίποτα" (Pronounced "then eho teepota"). It translates word for word as "I haven't got nothing", this is the way negative works in greek

Is it right to say Doing nothing?

It does seem to be an axymoron of sorts. If it's nothing, how canyou be 'doing' it? I say it is OK to say it. Everyone knows whatthe phrase means, and so it is useful. If you are uncomfortableabout the illogic of it, say 'nothing in particular', or 'nothingspecial'.