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Thirukuvalai is in Tiruvarur district,Its between tiruvarur and thiruthoraipoondi.Its been 22km fronm tiruvarur and has bus services

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Q: Annauniversity tirunelveli website
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What is the website address of annauniversity at Tirunelveli?

WWW dot

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What is the website address of Anna University at Tirunelveli?

what is the annauniversity at tiruneveli website address

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It is already out...check tis website

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visit anna university official website

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Has Anna university Tirunelveli started functioning?

You can acquire this information by going to the institution's website. Click on the related links section indicated below for a direct connection.

Syllabus for 3rd semester eee Anna university tirunelveli?

Should such things be publicly available then you should contact your tutor, the institutes' administrator or any website the institute has. The information will be published there first.

Anna university tirunelveli cse first year first semester syllabus?

Find it on the Anna University website. Click on the related link provided.

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March 2 or march 8 all are passes away but we people dont know whether we are pass or not. We are struggling that when will be the third semester thirchy annauniversity results will come. Please give us the correct information in the website. First it was published that the results will be published on or before 12.3.09, but now it was changed as 25.03.09. Even the web is publishing modifying information how we people know the correct date of getting our results. It is two late and it is a vast gap for publishing results. All the other annauniversity 3 sem results were published but the thirchy postponned to two more weeks. Every night we are searching the website but no response in it.Even the 4 semester is going to come within 2 months.All are spreading rumours for the past one month and our result fear continous. Due to rainfall our exams get postponned but we dono what is the reason for postponting the valuvated results. Is the thirchy annauniversity is not showing any interest. All the other annuniverities are publishing the 1 sem results, but for us it is tooooooooooooo delay...............................