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Mathematics is a combination of Algebra and Geometry. So if one say Algebra it is also a mathematics and Geometry it is also mathematics.

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Q: Another word for Mathematics
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What is another word for equation?

Another word for equation relating to mathematics is "expression".

What is another word for increase in mathematics?


What is another word for arithmetic?

maths or mathematics :)

What is another word for solve in math?

Solve in mathematics

What is arithmetic mean?

Arithmetic is another word for math or mathematics.

What does mathematics mean?

Mathematics is just another word for Math, like Language Arts is for English, and History is for Social Studies

Who found the word Mathematics?

greeks had found the word mathematics

What is Tar tar in Mathematics?

In maths terms tar tar is another word for calculus

What is another name for zero reference or zero points in mathematics?

You might be thinking of the word origin.

What part of speech is the word mathematics?

Mathematics is a noun.

Is the word mathematics a noun word?

Yes, the word 'mathematics' is a noun, a common, uncountable, abstract noun; a word for a concept, a word for a thing.

What word do you get if you unscramble shamittacem?

The word is 'mathematics'.

What is another word for the mean in mathematics?

Another word for "mean" is for example "average" and means the number of something divided by an other number resulting in a / b and is describing the ratio of the two informations.

How many acute obtuse and right angles are there in word mathematics?


What is mathematics in Tagalog?

The word "mathematics" in English means "matematika" in Tagalog.

What is a good mathematics word?


Where does the word mathematics originate from?


What is the sanskrit word for mathematics?


Is the word mathematics a greek word?

Yes we get it from the Greek word Mathematica.

What is the probability of getting a constant letter from the word mathematics?

The probability is 1. The letters in the word mathematics are all constants, not variables!

Can you give a sentence using the word mathematics?

I much prefer social studies classes to mathematics classes.Algebra is a type of mathematics.

What is another name for flip in mathematics?


What is a mean in relation to mathematics?

Answer: It is another word for "average". You can find the mean by adding all the numbers you have, then divide the total by how many numbers you had.

What letters used in the word mathematics?


What word can you spell with these letters aaeichmmstt?