Another word for condition

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A condition is a trait, symptom, or state of being. It can also mean a restriction.

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Q: Another word for condition
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What do is another word for 'same condition'?

Similar ailment

What is another word for slightly used?

good condition

What is a another word for condition?

Situation or current state. Condition is different from Conditions, though...

What is another word instead of wild and uncontrolled condition?


What is another word for heredity?

Another word for heredity is genetic. When a condition is passed from one generation in a family to the next, it is due to heredity or genetics.

What is another word for context?

Context means circumstances the form the setting for an event. Another word for context would be factors, situation, condition, or background.

What is another word for lack of sleep?

Sleep deprivation is another word for lack of sleep. Insomnia is a medical condition in which the suffer is not able to get sufficient sleep.

Another word meaning mood?

state, condition, humor, temper, frame, of mind

What is a another meaning for adaptation?

Another word for "adaptation" is "environmental condition". This is because an adaptation is the condition in which any plant or animal is suited to in its environment, where it can survive efficiently, with its needs in its surrounding area.

What is one word for a house that is in bad condition?

A noun could be slum, hovel, or dump. The adjective could be decrepit or ramshackle. Another word for a house that is in bad condition would be: condemned

How do you spell Eupean?

The like word is eupnea (good respiratory condition).(Another possibility is the omission of several letters of the word European.)

What is a sentence for the word symptom?

Another symptom of our excited condition is seen in the breaking up of old habits.

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