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What is a sentence for the word elliptical?

Elliptical is a word no one knows the definition to.

What is another word for elliptical?

The shape name elliptical (of an ellipse) has the synonym ellipsoidal, oval, or ovoid. It is also the adjective form of ellipsis (circumlocution), with the synonyms cryptic, ambiguous, or oblique.

What is another name for the shape oval?


What is the definition of the word oval?

egg shaped OR elliptical

What is the path of heavenly body revolving around another?


What space word starts with e?

earth, ellipse and elliptical

What 10 letter word refers to motion of an orbit?


What is the path an object follows when orbiting another object?

An elliptical path.

What is the four-letter word meaning the major axis of an elliptical orbit?

The major axis of an elliptical orbit is also known as an apse line.

Is the word achoo alliterative onomatopoeic lyrical or elliptic?


What revolve around the sun on an elliptical orbit and are called Wanderers?

the planets, the word planet comes from the latin word wanderer

What is another name for an oblong?

Some would say a rectangle, or possibly an oval or elliptical shape.

What is a elliptical window?

the elliptical window is .... i have no idea :]

What is Elliptical mean?

Elliptical is an oval shape.

Is a comet's orbit circular or elliptical?


What shape is Neptune's orbit?


Another word for introduce?

another word for introduce another word for introduce another word for introduce

What is the path an object takes around another in space?

The trajectory of a closed loop, circular or elliptical, is an "orbit".

Are there any health or safety risks in using an elliptical?

The safety risks when using a elliptical are the moving parts to the elliptical which can injure fingers while the elliptical is in use. Health risks for the elliptical would be not to use extensively if you are pregnant.

Are comets in circular or elliptical orbits?

They are in elliptical orbit

What is the shape of an elliptical galaxy?

Elliptical. Hence the name.

Does Venus have an elliptical orbit?

yes it does have a elliptical orbit

What galaxy is an elliptical shape?

M87 is an elliptical galaxy.

Do elliptical galaxies have gas and dust?

elliptical galxies

What is another word for the word wedding?

Another word for wedding is Marriage. Another word is Matrimony

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