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Another word for fish?

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What is another word for fish?


Another word for fish basket?

cradle of fish

What is another word for moon fish?

fish on the moon

What is another word for 'fish-related'?


What is another word for a young fish?

Fry are young fish

What is another word for fish farming?


What is another word for baby fish?

guppy and fry

What is another word for 'small fish'?


What is another word for a spatula?

turner, flipper or fish slice

What is another word for jack fish?

Popanos is a slang term for them.

What is another word for shell fish begins with p?


Is the word fish an adjective?

No, the word fish is a noun and a verb. The noun fish is often used to describe another noun, for example fish scales or fish fry, but it remains a noun, 'fish scale' or 'fish fry' can be considered compound nouns.

What is 1 adjective for fish?

Piscine is a word meaning related to fish. Fishy is another adjective related to the word fish. Adjectives used to describe fish include tropical, freshwater, and mild.

Is the word jellyfish a compound word?

yes because jelly is one word and fish is another and if you put them together you make the fish in the sea that stings people, JELLYFISH.

Another word for cold blooded fish?

I love heidi lenton

What is Aqua ranching?

It's just another word for fish farming.

What is another word for slim fish 4 letters?

ahah I'm need that too for my homework... ahah :)

What is another word for large fish?

oversized, overweight, enourmous, and veryy big

Is codfish a vegetable?

It is not Its just another word for the fish cod but its codfish, so its practically a fish. But a different name for cod.

English term for fish?

If you mean to go fishing rather than another word for a fish then angling is the term. An angler is a fisherman (or woman).

Is school another word for wolves?

tell me one thing what does school have to do with wolves haha i dint think that it would be another word for wolves Answer Nombre 2 School is another word for a group of fish(not wolves). Wolves form packs.

What is another name for devil fish?

Another mane for 'Devil Fish' is 'Poo Fish'.

What is a cackerel?

A cackerel is another word for a mendole, a Mediterranean fish considered poisonous by ancient people.

What is another name for a fish?

There may not be another name for a fish.

Is there another word for sushi?

raw fish Raw fish is a given! Anyone could've said that and I highly doubt that was the answer the person was looking for. Your answer would be Sashimi.