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Answered nursery teacher job interview question?


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If you are interviewing for the nursery teaching job, be prepared to talk about your previous experience. Questions may also include why you want to be a teacher.

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I am an allrounder teacher , I am dedicated ,I am caring and I love kids.

Have you ever taught a class? How long?

Answer It's my belief when I read this kind of question that only you have the answers. Personally I don't want to work as a Nursery Teacher, but you may love children and that would be your reason.

In an interview you will be asked what type of skills or talents you will have to work with nursery school age children. This takes a special amount of patience and love for children.

This question is ridiculous and should not be answered

A nursery teacher teaches children 2-5 years. They focus on child development and preparation for a successful transition to primary school education.They could work in a nursery attached to a state school or a private nursery.

WikiAnswers cannot guarantee that your question will be answered by a teacher, but there is a possibility. It doesn't matter who answers it, as long as the answer is correct.

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How long have you been a teacher? What do you admire in a student? Did you want to be a teacher as a child? What is your favorite thing about being a teacher? Why do you enjoy teaching? How long have you been teaching? When did you decide that you wanted to become a teacher? What subjects are you qualified to teach? Why did you choose to work in the grade you have chosen? Have you had any other job besides being a teacher? ----------- A good question should be ask in teacher interview: How do you teach your children

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yes it does as if you wanna be a art teacher you need to pass your a levels hope this answered your question

There are so many institutes providing Montessori & Nursery teacher training courses but IIPS is the premier teacher training institute offering Montessori & nursery/primary teacher training, nursery teacher training, b.ed (admission Guidance), for aspiring teachers and Montessori school administrators. IIPS is the best institute for teacher training programs. For further details contact- IIPS(9212441844,011-65100006).

the day to day life style in a nursery school is mostly fun and just looking after the children

nurse nursery nurse teacher social worker toddler teacher

questions include- opinion about a teaching profession, your strengths n weaknesses, teaching methods, class discipline, question related to the curriculum

Nursery teacher means to teach small kids (2-5yrs) n only female teacher can teach them efficiently as toddlers feel copmfortable with their mother in respect of father,so in school female teacher can give them mothers feeling not man.toddlers also consider thier teacher as second mother.

1-2mm This question was answered by my forensics science teacher.

It was Stewie's nursery school teacher but it was Season Ten's Be Careful What You Fish For

Department of education,culture and sports

He thought that people like you should look it up in history books! -Crown A: my teacher put this question and it's not answered in book, corrected by teacher herself. -.-

Answeri want to know what qualifications you need to teach children 5 years old and younger in nursery and reception classes pleaseno you don't you need a gcse qualification to be a nursery teacher

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