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no direct flight to goa...

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Q: Any direct flights from Copenhagen Denmark to Goa India?
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Is there Any direct flights between Copenhagen Denmark to any City of India?

Yes to Delhi

How long flights from Denmark to India?

Flights from Denmark to India are approximately 9-10 hours long.

Are there any direct flights to Trinidad by Air India?


Is there a direct flight to male?

Yes there are direct flights from major metros in India

What airway companies offer flights to the city of Ahmedabad?

There are currently four airlines that offer flights to Ahmedabad, but there are no direct flights from the United States. Airlines that do offer flights to Ahmedabad are Air India, Emirates, Qatar Air, and Etihad Airways.

What is flight time from ny to India?

For direct flights, about 16.5 hours flying time from JFK to Bangalore, India. This is time 'in the air' and excludes ground activities.

What cities in Europe have direct flights to Mumbai India?

As per I know Frankfurt, Germany, London, Milan, France, Paris France

How many flights does indigo airlines have in India?

161 flights

Which airline provides cheap flights to India from the USA?

American Airlines provides the cheapest flights to India from the USA. JetBlue airlines provides the next cheapest flights to India from the USA.

How long is the flight from Liverpool to India?

No Flight from Liverpool. Get the flight from Manchester Airport which is nearby. The flight Takes around 11-13 hours normally depending upon where you are travelling in India. Two hours less for North India than south India. Also add the time between connecting flights :) Direct Flights are there from Heathrow Airport.

Are there any direct flight from London to Kolkata?

A random search for flights from London (LON) to Kolkata (CCU) shows there is a no direct flight between these two cities.No Direct flights operates to Kolkata India from any UK airport.Airline : Air India, Jet Airways, Emirates, Barman, Qatar Airlines departing London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports daily.First Stoppage:First stoppage at Delhi, Mumbai, Doha, Dubai, Singapore, Or Bangkok, You no need to change aircrafts at first stop according to airlines and proceed to Kolkata Netaji Subhash Chandra Airport (CCU) in the same aircraft. Flight Duration is in between 13hr 35min.Flights No Are:Air India Flights no - 112, 20, 773, 131Jet Airways Flights no - 119, 619, 618, 118Qatar Airways Flights No - 18, 294, 295, 11Emirates Airlines Flights No - 2, 570, 571, 5Virgin Atlantic Flights No - 300, 301Singapore Airlines Flights no - 319, 308

Does Alaskan Air offer flights to India?

Alaskan Air does not seem to offer flights that travel to India. It would appear to me that the majority of their flights remain within the United States.

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