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Q: Any kind of the high speed high altitude air currents?
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What kind of clouds bring that low altitude and high altitude?

stratus, stratocumulus, and nimbostratus clouds

What kind of climate occurs in high altitude?

Colder climates in higher altitudes.

The electromagnetic pulse is one of the effects caused by what kind of attack?

High altitude burst inside the ionosphere.

What kind of currents cause wind?

Winds are caused by differences in air pressure not currents. Air under high pressure moves toward areas of low pressure.

What kind of currents drive earths plates?

Convection currents.

What kind of internet is better?

As per my knowledge which gives high browsing speed and download speed will be better internet.

What is Taiga's altitude?

It is a kind of biomes

What type of engines do high speed airplanes use?

the kind that gives boners

Aerial lifts should not be operated in what kind of wind speed?

The aerial lifts should not be operated in the high wind speed.

What is a high speed counter?

Just what the name says. It counts at high speed, usually with a sensor of some kind such as a proximity switch, light detector, etc. The tachometer in a car is basically a high speed counter. There are also integrated circuits that are "high speed counters, " used as components of digital devices.

What kind of port is used for high-speed multimedia devices such as digital camcorders?

You can use the FireWire port for high-speed multimedia devices.

What kind of currents are water moving from to place to place near or at the top of the sea?

They are surface currents.