Any romance high school animes

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Ouran High School Host club is high school with some romance

Also try Special A it has both

Vampire Knight is High School and romance but has some horror too < It is my fav

Hope this helped


Hi! I'm a different person, actually. I am going to copy and paste my Anime List of romance anime to you now :) I have done so to many "Any romance anime?" question types. You may have seen my list already, but here are all the ones I have watched.

Vampire Knight (Romance/Supernatural)

Rosario + Vampire (Romance/Action/Supernatural/Harem Comedy)

DN Angel (Fantasy/Romance/Drama)

Fruits Basket (Drama/Fantasy/Romance)

Love Hina (Harem/Comedy)

Ai Yori Aoshi (Romance/Comedy/Some Harem)

Loveless (Drama/Fantasy/Mystery/Shonen-Ai)

Ouran Host Club (Drama/Romance/Comedy)

Ginban Kaleidoscope (Drama/Romance/Comedy/Sports)

Chibi Vampire (Romance/Comedy/Supernatural)

Air (Drama/Romance/Fantasy/Tragic)

Tokyo Mew Mew (Romance/Drama/Magical Girl)

Shugo Chara (Magical Girl/Romance/Comedy)

La Corda d'rO (Reverse Harem/Romance/Comedy/Music)

Special A (Romance/Comedy)

Skip Beat! (Romance/Comedy)

Kaze No Stigma (Action/Comedy/Romance/Supernatural)

NANA (Drama/Romance/Music)

Save Me Lollipop! (Romance/Comedy/Dubbed Only)

Zero No Tsukaima (Adventure/Fantasy/Romance/Comedy)

Earl and Fairy (Fantasy/Romance)

Sugar Sugar Rune (Romance/Comedy/Magical Girl)

Full Moon Wo Sagashite (Romance/Comedy/Supernatural/Drama/little Magical Girl)

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (Magical Girl/Romance/Drama)

Kamichama Karin (Romance/Comedy/Magical Girl)

Pretear (Reverse Harem/Comedy/Romance/Magical Girl)

Happiness! (Romance/Comedy/Magical Girl)

Yumeiro Patissiere (Comedy/Romance/Fantasy/School Life/Cooking/Reverse Harem)

Hanasakeru Seishounen (Reverse Harem/Drama/Romance)

Kirarin Revolution (Romance/Drama/Comedy)

Nagasarete Airantou (Harem/Romance/Comedy)

Kobato. (Adventure/Romance/Comedy/Fantasy)

Itazura Na Kiss (Romance/Comedy/Drama/Slice Of Life)

Bokura Ga Ita (Drama/Romance/Comedy/School Life)

Mermaid Melody (Adventure/Drama/Romance/Comedy/Magical Girl/Music)

Marmalade Boy (Romance/Comedy)

Kyoshiro To Towa Na Sora (Fantasy/Mecha/Romance)

Peach Girl (Comedy/Drama/Romance)

Boys Over Flowers (Reverse Harem/Romance/Comedy/Old)

The Wallflower (Drama/Romance/Comedy/Reverse Harem)

Honey & Clover (Comedy/Drama/Romance/Reverse Harem)

True Tears (Drama/Romance)

Please Twins (Drama/Romance/Comedy)

Please Teacher (Romance/Comedy/Sci-Fi)

Lovely Complex (Romance/Comedy/Slice Of Life)

Fushugi Yuugi (Reverse Harem/Drama/Fantasy)

Paradise Kiss (Drama/Romance/Mature)

Gakuen Alice (Comedy/Supernatural/Romance)

Chobits (Romance/Comedy/Science Fiction)

Nodame Cantabile (Comedy/Romance/Music/Slice of Life)

Suzuka (Drama/Romance/Sports/Comedy)

Shakugan No Shana (Action/Fantasy/Romance)

Clannad (Drama/Fantasy/Romance)

Kanon (Drama/Fantasy/Romance)

Aishiteruze Baby (Romance/Comedy/Drama/Slice of Life)

Ayashi No Ceres (Action/Fantasy/Romance)

Story of Saiunkoku (Reverse Harem/Fantasy/Romance/Comedy)

Ultra Maniac (Magical Girl/Romance/Comedy)

Glass Mask (Romance/Drama)

Mai Hime (Action/Fantasy/Romance/Comedy/Sentai)

Toradora! (Drama/Romance/Comedy)

School Rumble (Romance/Comedy/Drama/Slice of Life)

School Days (Drama/Harem/Romance/Mature)

Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ (Fantasy/Romance/Reverse Harem)

Shuffle! (Drama/Fantasy/Harem/Romance)

Midori No Hibi (Comedy/Drama/Romance)

Princess Tutu (Ballet/Comedy/Drama/Romance)

Nanatsuiro Drops (Fantasy/Magical Girl/Romance)

Petite Princess Yucie (Romance/Comedy/Magical Girl)

Wedding Peach (Magical Girl/Romance)

Romeo x Juliet (Fantasy/Romance)

Kiss x Sis (Romance/Comedy/Harem)

Kampfer (Action/Romance/Comedy/Reverse Harem AND Harem)

Sola (Drama/Fantasy/Romance)

Naisho No Tsubomi (Romance/Drama/Slice of Life)

REC (Drama/Comedy/Romance)

Myself ; Yourself (Drama/Romance)

H20 ~Footprints in the Sand~ (Drama/Romance/Psychological)

Buso Renkin (Action/Supernatural/Romance)

Tsukihime (Mystery/Romance/Supernatural/Vampires)

Someday's Dreamers (Fantasy/Drama/Romance/Slow-Paced)

Koi Kaze (Romance/Drama)

Sumomomo Momomo (Romance/Comedy/Martial Arts)

Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity (Drama/Fantasy/Romance/Harem/Ecchi)

Wind: A Breath of Heart (Action/Comedy/Romance/Drama/Supernatural)

Mai Hime (Action/Fantasy/Romance/Comedy)

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Q: Any romance high school animes
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Are there any romantic comedy animes like special a?

Ouran High School Host Club :)

Any romance animes that have hidden talents or hidden identities has 2 have good graphics and its a anime which means u can watch it online or something?

There's Vampire Knight but Shugo Chara has light romance in it.

Are there any good ecchi animes with a good storyline like high school of the dead rosario vampire or princess lover?

Karin , Kanokon , Sekirei , Love Hina and Maburaho .

What are some high school romance animes animes like clannad and aishiteruze baby Preferably one with a few girls liking one boy Please provide a brief description of it without ruining the series?

Fruits Basket: An orphaned girl living in the woods is taken in by one of the most popular boys in school, into a house of all males. It turns out the males are cursed, and they are turned into animals from the zodiac if they come into physical contact with any female. She helps them keep their secret, but becomes an object of scorn from the other girls at school that are wanting to hook up the guys she is living with.

Any sHow is related to ouran HSHC?

I don't get what you're asking, sort of confusing, but OHSHC was made by Funimation, who also made other shows, but animes that are sorta like Ouran High School Host Club, or atleast animes that I liked was Fruits Basket (though the manga is better).

I need help finding more romance school life manga's Any suggestions?

I'd try Ouran High School Host Club. It's totally awesome and hilarious and I love it. ;D

Are there any 2013 animes?

Of course there are, such as Karneval.

Are there any animes where any characters wear sailor dresses?


Are there any animes about twins or have twins in it?

Agon Kongo ,

What are some anime with hot guys and a good plot?

It depends If you want harem manga then there is ouran high school host club and wallflower and fruits basket. generally hot guys in animes would be vampire knight and any shoujo mangas really :)

Are there any wolf animes?

wolf's rain and Wolf God

In What animes do people get married?

any there isn't exactly a genre