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One might recognize the two names Browning and Remington. They still make 16 gauge shotguns, as do a few other manufacturers.

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Q: Are 16 gauge shotguns still made?
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Is the 16 gauge shotgun still made?

The answer to your question is Yes! 16gauge shotguns and shotshells are still made.

What years were the 16 gauge shotguns made?

I can say that Browning started having shotguns made in 16 gauge in the year 1909.Winchester started having the model 12 shotguns made in 16 gauge in the year I would surmise that the time frame of 1909-1915 would be the correct time frame for the introduction of the 16 gauge shotguns.

16 gauge Stevens shotguns?

Yes, they were made.

Who all made 16 gauge automatic shotguns?

Browning, Remington

How many grade 3 browning 16 gauge shotguns were made 2008?

Only the maker knows.

When did Winchester 1897 16 gauge change to 2.75?

Winchester made the 2.50in chamber in their shotguns up until 1927.In 1928 the change over was made to the 2.75 in.chamber on their shotguns.

Did Browning make a Sweet Sixteen shotgun in any gauge other than 16?

They made identical shotguns in other gauges, but if it is not a 16 gauge, it is an Auto-5, not a Sweet Sixteen.

What year did browning make 16 gauge auto shotguns?

It made them for more than one year since the 30s

What brands make a 16 gauge shotgun?

Remington had re-introduced the 16 gauge Wingmaster in 4 version as recently as 2002, but there are no 16 gauge shotguns in their 2009 catalog.

Is there a website that list the age of browning belguim made 16 gauge shotguns?

Browning's web site has a sn search function.

Was there ever a 16 gauge Remington shotgun built under a browning Patton?

Yes.The Remington model 11 auto loader shotgun which could be had in either 12 gauge or 16 gauge was made under a patent agreement with John Browning.These shotguns were made from 1911-1948.

Winchester Model 12 - 20 gauge?

These shotguns came in 20, 28, 16, And 12 gauge calibers