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No, they are worth no more than the metal (or face) value of the coin, the gold plating adds so little gold that it would cost more to de-plate the coin than the gold is worth.

For example, a 1965 gold plated half dollar would be worth ~$4.50 in silver scrap just like a normal 1965 half dollar. A 2002 gold plated quarter would be worth just a quarter, just like a normal 2002 quarter.

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Q: Are 24k plated gold coins worth anything?
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i spent 700 gold plated chain is it worth anything

Is plated gold worth anything?


How many gold plated nickels did the US mint make?

None. The US doesn't make gold-plated coins. Anything you find was made by a private company that plated ordinary US coins and sold them as "special collectibles". However these items are rarely worth what they sell for.

Are gold plated pokemon cards worth anything?


How much is a gold plated Ike dollar worth?

The plating makes it an altered coin, so it is worth face value only. Gold plated coins have no extra value since they are only gold plated and contain very very little gold.

Is 18k Gold plated jewelry worth anything?

18k gold plated jewelry is not worth much based on the gold amount. However, it could have design or sentimental value and be worth something to you.

Is gold plated over sterling silver worth anything?

not really

How do coin collection companies figure gold plated coins are worth 79.00 or 95.00?

Any reputable coin dealer will tell you that gold plated coins are worthless to a collector and they are damaged. However, often gold plated coins are sold (often deceptively) to buyers via TV or internet marketing. There are only a handful of gold plated coins created by legitimate government mints that are collectible (this is the same for "colorized" coins) but the US mint has not made any of them. A gold plated US coin is damaged and generally only worth face value (or silver scrap value in the case of older coins).

Is anything that is 23k gold plated worth anything?

No, not unless the item that is plated is itself worth anything (such as a gold-plated Rolls Royce).When an item is electro plated, the plating material is very thin - less than 0.01mm - so there is hardly any volume of gold. So even though gold is expensive, a gold-plated item is worth just a few pence (cents) more than the item would be without the gold. This is ok for inexpensive jewelry, but do not be fooled into buying any gold or silver 'investment bars' or coins that are plated or described as '100 mills' or 'HGE' ('heavy-gold-electroplate') - these are just lumps of base metal (such as steel or copper) with no real value.

Is 24kgp worth anything?

24kgp means that the piece is 24 karat gold plated. A gold plated piece is worth much less than a piece that is 24 karat gold.

Are presidential coins gold plated?

They are not gold plated, they are brass. They do not contain any gold whatsoever.

How much is a 24c gold plated 1961 Halfcrown worth?

Modified coins have no collector value.

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