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the majority are

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Q: Are 89 Toyota pickup parts and engine compatible with a 91?
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Can I install a 1991 Toyota Camry's radiator alternator or starter in a 93 ex accord's engine?

99.9% you cannot do that. Toyota parts are not compatible with Honda parts. Radiator & starter no way will the fit. Alternator it is possible if the mount is the same.

What newer Nissan parts are compatible with 1984 Nissan pickup?

85 and some 86

Is 1991 Nissan truck compatible with 1994 pathfinder?

Some parts on a 1991 Nissan truck are compatible with a 1994 Pathfinder. The alternator, battery, and other engine parts are compatible if they are the same engine size.

Where do you get a speedometer cable for a 90 Toyota pickup?

You can get a speedometer cable for your 1990 Toyota pickup truck at most auto-parts stores. Many Toyota dealerships have auto part departments open to the public.

Is nascar Toyota engine parts from Chevy engine?

No they are not, they are from the lexus V8 engine.

How much does it cost to change the clutch in a 1992 Toyota pickup?

It can cost up to about 2000 dollars to replace the clutch in the 1992 Toyota pickup. This varies with the type of parts required and with where you are located.

Will a 2000 Toyota Camry charcoal canister fit a 99 Toyota Camry?

If both cars have same engine displacement and were made in the same country, then the answer is yes. Otherwise, parts are not always compatible especially for different engines.

What type transmission fluid for 2010 Toyota corolla?

Toyota calls for a fluid that is Toyota T-IV compatible. If you go to a Toyota dealer, they have plenty. At auto parts stores, you'll find Castrol Import Multi-Vehicle fluid, which is compatible with Toyota's juice.

What years of toyota camry parts are compatible with the 1999?

For engine, transmission and drive train 1997-2001. But there are some exceptions especially between US and Japanese made cars.

Where can you find engine parts manual for 1995 Nissan pickup?


1984 Toyota 22R engine diagram?

The 1984 Toyota 22R engine diagram can be obtained from most Toyota dealerships. The engine diagram can also be found at most auto-parts stores.

Is a 455 Oldsmobile engine compatible with a 455 Pontiac engine?

yes if you have the Oldsmobile motor mounts. If you are asking if engine parts will interchange....Absolutely not.

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