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The IB program is part of UNESCO, an non-governmental international organisation. It is recognized worldwide and offers standard education wherever it's offered. It is very useful for applying to colleges and universities abroad that do not recognize some or all the regular courses or that are unfamiliar with your home country's schooling system. All IB students who graduated should have the same education, while in the IB program, so it makes it easier for admission boards to asses the education of candidates.

Advanced Placement is a standardize curriculum, available only in the states, for which colleges often give credits if a high enough mark was obtained. No credits are given if the mark is not obtained. It was created mainly to enable senior students to study college level material.

Keep in mind that the focus of those two programs are not the same. The IB program focus is to give standard education to it's students (from Elementary School all the way up to High School) throughout the world. Whereas the AP program focus is to enable High School seniors to study college level material.

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Q: Are Advanced Placement classes better than International Baccalaureate classes?
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Is the internationaln baccalaureate program the same thing as advanced placement classes also what are their benefitts?

International Baccalaureate (IB) programs are treated exactly the same as Advanced Placement (AP) classes within the United States.The difference is that colleges in other countries accept IB but do not accept AP.So the major benefit is mobility. That is, you can go to almost any school, anywhere with IB credits but you must stay within the United States with AP credits.

What does AP mean as in AP classes?

Advanced Placement

What does AP mean in AP classes?

Advanced Placement

What classes can you take in high school for psychology?

It will depend on what your school offers. Some psychology related classes are:PsychologyChild PsychologyDevelopmental PsychologySociologyAnthropologyIt may also be possible for you to take advanced placement classes at a local college or university if your school does not offer classes you want.Talk with your school guidance counselor regarding advanced placement or other options.

What is placement evaluation in education?

Placement evaluation in education might be comprised of a series of tests to determine the level of a child's learning. If a child is overly advanced that his peers, he might be advanced to a higher grade or placed in harder classes.

What classes do you take in 11th grade?

You have to take English, Social Studies, Math, and Science but you also get more electives and also more Advanced Placement classes if the school lets you.

What does 'AP' stand for in AP classes?

AP classes mean Advanced Placement classes, which are more difficult than regular classes, but also count for more. If you take them in high school, you have the option to take the AP test, which, if you do well, will allow you to exempt part of your college course for that subject AP is short for Advanced Placement. After taking an AP class you can take a test that, if you score high enough, can give you college credit.

What SAT score is required for Stetson University?

From the Stetson University website: "Stetson University attracts a high-caliber student. The average GPA of a student who starts at Stetson University is over 3.78. This is a combined weighted and unweighted GPA. The majority of students come from a strong background of advanced coursework including Honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Dual Enrollment classes. The median SAT scores were 1030-1220. Beyond this, the typical student was an active leader in the school or community."

What is a 4.3 GPA with honors classes?

That depends on whether your honors classes were regular high school classes or AP or International Baccalaureate classes, which may have been calculated on a 5.0 GPA scale. A GPA of 4.3 on a 5.0 scale is the equivalent of 3.44 on a 4.0 GPA scale.

What are honors classes?

"Honors" classes are advanced placement classes for students who want more of a challenge in their schoolwork. In many schools, they are described as "not more work, but different work." Honors classes are offered at every level of education, from elementary through college.

What should you study in high school or college if you want to be a pediatrician?

The choice of high school classes is not really a big deal when it comes to becoming a pediatrician. If you want to get into a good undergraduate university, taking advanced placement or international baccalaureate classes and doing well in them is probably a good idea. Once you're in college, there is no particular major that you need to take to get into medical school, but you need to take the prerequisite courses such as biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, etc. and you must take the Medical College Admission Test (In the United States at least).

Why do people have to take the math placement test in order to get into an advanced class that is good for your college?

In many middle schools, a lot of people want to get in advanced classes that help them succeed when entering in good high school classes. The classes in high school might be helpful for an advanced sat exam, which will make you get in a good college and help your career. A good college degree is necessary when you get a job.

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