Are Advanced Placement classes better than International Baccalaureate classes?

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March 20, 2011 4:11PM

The IB program is part of UNESCO, an non-governmental international organisation. It is recognized worldwide and offers standard education wherever it's offered. It is very useful for applying to colleges and universities abroad that do not recognize some or all the regular courses or that are unfamiliar with your home country's schooling system. All IB students who graduated should have the same education, while in the IB program, so it makes it easier for admission boards to asses the education of candidates.

Advanced Placement is a standardize curriculum, available only in the states, for which colleges often give credits if a high enough mark was obtained. No credits are given if the mark is not obtained. It was created mainly to enable senior students to study college level material.

Keep in mind that the focus of those two programs are not the same. The IB program focus is to give standard education to it's students (from Elementary School all the way up to High School) throughout the world. Whereas the AP program focus is to enable High School seniors to study college level material.